[Today 12:58 AM] saltwn: ball [Today 12:58 AM] saltwn: foot bal tomorrow [Today 12:19 AM] Hairy Jello: be careful posting stuff like that. george lopez will assault you in a sports bar. [Yesterday 11:17 PM] cnredd: [Yesterday 11:05 PM] Hairy Jello: that duck/bald eagle meme is funny as fuq [Yesterday 10:33 PM] cnredd: Home... [Yesterday 06:45 PM] saltwn: george lopez seems fairly laid back. must have been provoked Im sure [Yesterday 06:43 PM] Hairy Jello: uber-lib comedian george lopez physically attacked a trump supporter inside a hooters lol. [Yesterday 06:41 PM] saltwn: yes Edge is junk-its like lemme try these no salt crackers again, maybe they r better-nope stil suck [Yesterday 03:38 PM] mlurp: Trying IE again. Edge is junk.. [Yesterday 01:00 PM] cnredd: Workbound... [Yesterday 11:57 AM] cnredd: [Yesterday 10:37 AM] Hairy Jello: mechanical failure [Yesterday 10:37 AM] Hairy Jello: melania had a scare on her plane