[Today 01:48 AM] Pretty Flamingo: Use Chrome then, lurpy. [Today 01:30 AM] cnredd: [Yesterday 11:30 PM] mlurp: So zoriolus just gets a , sorry....... [Yesterday 11:29 PM] mlurp: I am using my Edge and noticed that I can't get but the main smilies. I can't get the app to open to all of the smilies. [Yesterday 06:58 PM] Hairy Jello: happy b-day z-man. [Yesterday 06:58 PM] Hairy Jello: if u make cheese google will honor u? sweet. [Yesterday 03:05 PM] MrLiberty: Happy Birthday zoriolus. [Yesterday 03:05 PM] MrLiberty: [Yesterday 01:06 PM] cnredd: Off to work!... [Yesterday 10:59 AM] cnredd: Good morning Wrinklers... [Yesterday 09:32 AM] Lollie: Happy Birthday zoriolus!