[Today 01:20 AM] cnredd: Absolutely not... [Yesterday 11:48 PM] Hairy Jello: did ya save me some beef tips.... [Yesterday 10:48 PM] cnredd: Little nap after eating... [Yesterday 10:08 PM] Hairy Jello: fuq...i used the "n" word. libs are adding me to the "racist" list as we speak. [Yesterday 09:50 PM] mlurp: Later all................ [Yesterday 08:46 PM] Hairy Jello: mmmm pass me a plate niggah!!!!! [Yesterday 08:19 PM] cnredd: Just got done shopping...Beef Tips, some peas, and garlic/chive mashed potatoes... [Yesterday 07:15 PM] Hairy Jello: 2 [Yesterday 07:14 PM] Hairy Jello: seasoned ground beef, cheese, salsa, sour cream, crunchy shell...makes me all moist. [Yesterday 07:14 PM] Hairy Jello: tacos for dinner! who wants some? [Yesterday 04:11 PM] cnredd: They have alphanumeric characters (!!!), which will prevent a profile page... [Yesterday 04:10 PM] cnredd: [Yesterday 12:20 PM] mlurp: How can one become a member without registering? [Yesterday 12:19 PM] mlurp: Hey hey .......... [Yesterday 10:56 AM] Hairy Jello: Aretha Franklin 'bout to join him soon according to reports. [Yesterday 10:50 AM] cnredd: Ouch... [Yesterday 10:34 AM] Hairy Jello: Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart has left the building. [Yesterday 09:49 AM] cnredd: Good morning Wrinklers... [08-12-2018 11:07 PM] saltwn: still undecided [08-12-2018 11:07 PM] saltwn: spent a good bit of it discussing which channel or podcast to rent for NFL