[Today 11:26 AM] cnredd: Workin' some OT today... [Today 11:25 AM] cnredd: Good morning Wrinklers... [Today 01:23 AM] cnredd: [Yesterday 08:06 PM] Lollie: I was slaving over a hot stove earlier, Hairy. You missed your BLT. [Yesterday 08:04 PM] Lollie: https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-...trations-trump [Yesterday 07:59 PM] Jaaaman: [Yesterday 07:37 PM] Jaaaman: That isn't good. I wonder if Antifa is stirring up some ****. [Yesterday 07:36 PM] Lollie: Aaaand, I feel like I'm talking to myself. [Yesterday 07:36 PM] Lollie: 13 arrests, some needed medical attention. [Yesterday 07:34 PM] Lollie: Wow, that rally in Portland is getting a little crazy. [Yesterday 01:04 PM] cnredd: Workbound!... [Yesterday 01:00 PM] cnredd: Yup...Hope they never need him.. [Yesterday 01:00 PM] Hairy Jello: mccown back with the eagles. [Yesterday 12:59 PM] cnredd: yo [Yesterday 12:55 PM] Hairy Jello: yo redd [Yesterday 11:31 AM] cnredd: Good morning Wrinklers... [Yesterday 11:05 AM] Hairy Jello: hiya