[Yesterday 11:07 PM] Lollie: Night, [Yesterday 10:57 PM] Lollie: He'll get over it until I find him a new home. He filled my heart after I lost Gretchen- but I don't think I was ever cut out to be a cat Mom. [Yesterday 10:44 PM] Lollie: I am a sucker for animals. He's out on the sofa now and mad at me. [Yesterday 10:36 PM] Lollie: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! [Yesterday 10:35 PM] cnredd: Get another so they become friends... [Yesterday 10:33 PM] Lollie: I'm not the owner of a happy cat right now. [Yesterday 10:28 PM] cnredd: Never had dogs or cats...Had a few parakeets when I was a kid... [Yesterday 10:27 PM] Lollie: He's going in the bathroom tonight. ALL night. [Yesterday 10:27 PM] cnredd: Haven't had a a pet since my sister had a dwarf parrot about 30 years ago... [Yesterday 10:27 PM] cnredd: [Yesterday 10:23 PM] Lollie: Hi redd, you want a cat? I'll ship him to you express. He's been up on the tv most of the day sitting there. Fell off the back once and nearly pulled out the wires of all things connected. [Yesterday 10:15 PM] cnredd: [Yesterday 08:54 PM] Lollie: R O L A I D S [Yesterday 08:31 PM] Lollie: I'll never get a Cactus Blossom from Texas Roadhouse again. Shared that as an appy with Jeff and Kasey for dinner, then had ribs and sweet potato besides. [Yesterday 02:38 PM] mlurp: KS., didn't get much darker as cloud cover was heavy. [Yesterday 01:54 PM] Lollie: too many clouds.. oh well. [Yesterday 01:54 PM] Lollie: wow, a brief thundershower, then sun pops out again, then slightly dark like a normal stormy day- and it's over. [Yesterday 01:32 PM] cnredd: Just got cloudy in Philly... [Yesterday 12:47 PM] Lollie: later! [Yesterday 12:23 PM] Lollie: hahaha!