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US Congress & The Legislative Branch Discuss Schumer launches long-shot bid for legal weed at the Political Forums; Originally Posted by GottaGo I support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but not so much for recreational use. ...

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Old 07-20-2021, 02:51 PM
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Default Re: Schumer launches long-shot bid for legal weed

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
I support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but not so much for recreational use.

Yes, I am biased, I have experienced loss of life due to smoke and drive, even though it was 'just a couple tokes', apparently it was treated.

Also as an employer, the residual effects of marijuana add another level of concern for employee safety and appropriate behavior. Will there be an '8 hours joint to throttle' boundary? How will it be enforced?
I don't think people should use it except or medicinal purposes as myself,
but i think the same about alcohol.
I think there are short term and long term issues with the use of both. But i don't think keeping one illegal is a good answer.

Ive read that In some industries, as much as 10% of employees abuse drugs and 15% of employees abuse alcohol according to the white office drug policy desk.
And I used to work with a large transportation for the handicapped company and they had a hard time, then and now, keeping and hiring drivers that could pass the drug test regularly. More than a few folks didn't last on the job beyond one year. I'm not sure that problem will get much worse than it is now.
Seems like Pointing people away from drugs in various ways would be the main solid option.
There is no perfect solution.

But Ganny's got a bit of a point.

"It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.
The freeman of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents."

..James Madison
"Live as free people, yet without employing your freedom as a pretext for wickedness; but live at all times as servants of God."
..1 Peter 2:16

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Old 07-21-2021, 12:31 PM
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Default Re: Schumer launches long-shot bid for legal weed

I may be an anomaly. I have smoked pot recreationally for the past 47 years.
But I was actually against legalization. But as a business owner for the past 18 years, I do believe the growers and sellers ( business people ) should have to pay taxes just as I do.

It is not a priority for me, my priority is my health. Eating right and exercising every day. Also I do not consider myself a "Stoner" I know what stoners are, I know plenty of them,

I like to take a toke or two when working on our properties, weather it be yard work, building stuff, or just playing with all the dogs.
I also have two 16oz Bud lights most days, after my work out of course, no exceptions.

Some people might consider me an alcoholic or drug addict, but I function at a very high level 99% of the time, and no one in my circle believes I am either one of those things. I use it to cure boredom sometimes, and I use it sometimes as ( what we called in the military ) an attitude adjustment.

A lot of people worry and stress about things every day that they have no control over, it would be much better for their mental and physical health to adjust their attitude when needed.

One could argue that I use it medicinally
Political Correctness, is Fascism masquerading as manners - George Carlin.

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