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US Congress & The Legislative Branch Discuss ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli refusing to talk to Congress about his price gouging ways at the Political Forums; It is not exactly like the apocryphal story of President Gerald Ford telling a bankrupt New York City to “Drop ...

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Old 11-08-2015, 02:29 PM
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Default ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli refusing to talk to Congress about his price gouging ways

It is not exactly like the apocryphal story of President Gerald Ford telling a bankrupt New York City to “Drop dead,” but “Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli has told members of Congress who want to grill him over price gouging that they’ll have to subpoena him before he’ll appear.

According to Business Insider, the former hedge funder turned pharma CEO who has become the face of pharmaceutical corporate greed is refusing to turn over information to a Congressional committee looking at drug pricing and won’t testify unless legally compelled.

In a letter sent to both houses of Congress, Shkreli said that he “unable to provide certain numbers and data related to proprietary information,” on Daraprim, the drug he purchased before jacking up the price from $13.50 to $750 a pill.

While Shkreli has had no problem appearing on cable news broadcasts to explain the business rationale for increasing the price of a drug used to treat critically ill babies and AIDS patients over 5,000 percent, the CEO has drawn the line at voluntarily speaking with Congress.

“When my lawyers tell me I absolutely have to go, I’ll go,” he said in an interview. “They don’t have subpoena power until they’ve got widespread support. I don’t have to go to a hearing unless there’s widespread support.”

Responding to the Congressional requests for information, Turing Pharmaceutical released a statement reading: “We are reviewing the Committee’s request and, as we have and continue to do with similar congressional inquiries, we look forward to having an open and honest dialogue about drug pricing.”
‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli refusing to talk to Congress about his price gouging ways

Finally. A congressional investigation that is really needed!
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Cool Re: ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli refusing to talk to Congress about his price gouging


Granny says, "Dat's right - gag him...

Prosecutors seek gag order for pharma bro Martin Shkreli after his courthouse rant
Shkreli surprised journalists by talking to them at length unprompted; He called federal prosecutors in Brooklyn the "junior varsity"; He said one investor who testified against him wasn't a victim because she ended up making four times her money back; "Do I want to exonerate myself? Yes."
Federal prosecutors late Monday asked a judge to slap a gag order on "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli, three days after he blasted them as the "junior varsity" during a surprise courthouse rant to reporters covering his trial. Those prosecutors said Shkreli's off-the-cuff remarks, made against the desperate wishes of his lawyers, "risks tainting the jury," according to a motion filed in Brooklyn, NY, federal court. Prosecutors, who believe that Shkreli, 34, has resumed posting on Twitter under a pseudonym despite being barred from the social media platform earlier this year for harassing a female reporter, also want him barred by the judge from tweeting further about the case. If they don't get the gag order granted, prosecutors want a semi-sequestration of jurors to protect them from hearing or reading Shkreli's comments during his trial on charges of securities fraud.

And they are asking Judge Kiyo Matsumoto to bar his lawyers and prosecutors themselves from making comments to the media about the case. Their filing cites a video featuring a CNBC reporter asking Shkreli's lawyer Benjamin Brafman how he felt about his client's scathing remarks after court recessed Friday. Shkreli, who was walking alongside Brafman interjected, "He'll do whatever he wants." When the reporter asked Shkreli, "You can do whatever you want, Martin?" Shkreli replied, "Yes," according to the prosecutors' motion. Also attached to their motion were several news articles about Shkreli's comments, as well as suspected tweets under the Twitter handle @BLMBro.

Martin Shkreli on lunch break from his court trial in Brooklyn, New York

Prosecutors wrote: "The government respectfully moves this Court for an order to limit extrajudicial statements by the defendant Martin Shkreli and counsel for all parties during the pendency of this trial." "Since the empanelment of the jury, Shkreli has engaged with the press — in apparent contravention of the instructions of his lawyers — in the courthouse itself, directly outside the courthouse and on digital media in a manner that risks tainting the jury," the motion says. "In order to protect the public's interest in a fair trial in which the jury will reach a verdict based solely on the evidence presented in the courtroom, the defendant should be restrained from further public comment during the pendency of the trial. In addition, or in the alternative, the government seeks semi-sequestration of the jury."

Prosecutors also wrote: "Unfortunately, despite the assurances of defense counsel prior to trial—as well as efforts by defense counsel to control Shkreli—once the jury was selected and empaneled, Shkreli embarked on a campaign of disruption by commenting on trial evidence and witnesses to the press and on social media, and by making a spectacle of himself and the trial directly on the courthouse grounds." "During the lunch break on June 30, 2017, the defendant paid a highly-publicized visit to reporters and members of the public in the overflow viewing room, which is located on the same floor of the courthouse in which the trial is taking place. Among other things, the defendant repeatedly commented on evidence the jury had heard just the day before and the credibility of testifying witnesses."

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