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Dog Man 01-17-2022 11:18 AM

Re: Biden's obsession with Trump

Originally Posted by AZRWinger (Post 1014659)
Immediately after Trump’s 2016 election victory was announced Hillary's campaign launched a backdoor recount effort using the Stein campaign as a proxy. Less than a week later thousands of protesters in DC had speakers regal them with thoughts of blowing up the WH. The Democrat street militia launched a nationwide string of violent riots. Yet when Trump protests an election Democrats and their media toadies react screaming "lies" and "sedition" demanding any mention of election questions be prefaced with "false" or equivalent derogatory label and that anyone making these protests be censored. :rolls

Here is Hillary in an October 2020 interview still protesting the 2016 election.


But hey that's not trying to overturn an election, it's a Democrat. :rolls

No response from Consistent Coughup on this.

He has never heard any of this on the MSM, so I imagine he will deny any of it happened, and if it did, it was justified.

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