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The President & the Executive Branch Discuss Former Acting AG Sally Yates Humiliates Sen Ted Cruz and Crusifies Trump's Muslim Ban at the Political Forums; Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, that has a stellar law education and legal resume, appeared before the Senate committee ...

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Old 05-09-2017, 10:29 AM
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Default Former Acting AG Sally Yates Humiliates Sen Ted Cruz and Crusifies Trump's Muslim Ban

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, that has a stellar law education and legal resume, appeared before the Senate committee investigating testifying on her role as AG in warning the Trump Administration about Michael Flynn and on her refusal to defend President Trump's first "Muslim" travel ban on Constitutional grounds.

As she pointed out when asked during her confirmation hearings to become the Deputy Attorney General of the United States. the second highest law enforcement position in the United States, she'd responded to the hypothetical question, "if she would disobey a president's unlawful orders" by then Senator and not Attorney General Jeff Sessions she responded that "she would have an obligation to follow the law and the Constitution, and to give an independent legal advice to the president." She was confirmed with a vote of 84–12 (4 not voting) by the US Senate.

In January 2017 the Trump administration requested her to stay on as the acting Attorney General until a replacement for AG Loretta Lynch could be confirmed.

When President Trump issued his first (Muslim) Travel Ban executive order, after violating protocol by not presenting it first to the (acting) AG Sally Yates for confirmation of it's legal and Constitutional compliance, Yates directed the Department of Justice to not defend the Travel Ban because it was an illegal and unconstitutional executive order. The Trump administration fired her for doing her job exactly like she said she would during her confirmation hearing.

In the following video from the Senate hearing Sally Yates responds to questions by Sen Ted Cruz and literally humiliates Sen Cruz with the directness and legal accuracy of her position as acting Attorney General as well as crucifying the Trump Administration's arguments for the travel ban.


I watched most of her testimony before the Senate and she offered perhaps the most eloquent, articulate, and accurate legal response I've ever heard from anyone in our justice system that's highly reflective of her education (a doctorate degree in law) and her experience. There wasn't a single indication of any partisan or political motivation and her responses were based exclusively upon the facts, the laws, and the Constitution including the fact that our immigration laws, while granting the president broad authority to protect national security related to immigration (cited by the administration), our immigration laws ALSO prohibits the use of race, nationality, or place of birth to be used to deny or restrict immigration and/or non-immigration admission into the United States.

Trump's (Muslim) Travel Ban explicitly violates the INS laws that prohibit the use of national origin as a criteria for restricting entry into the United States!

What I find very sad is that Sally Yates would probably have been the best selection by the Trump administration or any administration to fill the position of Attorney General vacated by Loretta Lynch.

Instead Trump picked Jeff Sessions with a history of opposing civil rights, historical racist statements, and overall an opponent of the US Constitution, as Attorney General. Trump went directly from the "Cream of the Crop" straight down into the "Bottom of the Barrel" when it came to choosing an Attorney General.
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Based upon the corruption, brutality, inhumanity, immorality, dishonesty, and incompetence of the Trump administration the White House is the dirtiest house in America and there's no known cleanser that with remove the stains of the Trump Administration.
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