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Polls Discuss What would you do? at the General Forum; Originally Posted by Awahso My teacher asked this question to our class (he is a former major from our local ...

Poll: Would you add false information in the report?
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Would you add false information in the report?

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Old 07-27-2012, 12:23 AM
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Default Re: What would you do?

Originally Posted by Awahso View Post
My teacher asked this question to our class (he is a former major from our local SO), and wanted to get everyone's opinion. I would like to see yours. Be honest, not idealistic.

You are a newly graduated recruit on your second day of field training. Your FTO tells you to pull over a car because he recognizes the driver as a drug dealer. You two approach the vehicle and ask if you can search it. They consent to the search and you uncover 25 pounds of marijuana. After making the arrests and completing the intake procedure, your FTO tells you to mention that the driver of the vehicle was weaving (even though he wasn't). What would you do?

You could write that he is weaving, but technically you perjured yourself. However, if you do not add that to the report, you could potentially lose your job (and your police career as a whole), or at the least lose all respect from your fellow officers. If you do not add a fake moving violation, there is no probable cause to pull over the vehicle, which means the marijuana you found can not be used in court.

Do the ends justify the means? Are you willing to contest and realistically face losing your job or possibly a career? Will you do what your boss tells you to do? Please be 100% honest.
I simply do not accept the (very wobbly) principle that the end--supposedly--justifies the means. And that, regardless of the subject at hand.

So I would hope that I would have the moral courage and integrity to resist any temptation to manufacture a bogus charge, in order to justify the search.

(I realize that it is much easier to pontificate that one would do the right thing, than it is to actually do it.)
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Old 07-27-2012, 04:15 PM
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Default Re: What would you do?

"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul"-Socrates
"In Honor There Is Hope"

Canada born, Georgia raised.
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Old 07-27-2012, 05:05 PM
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Default Re: What would you do?

Originally Posted by Awahso View Post
Exactly this. The same concept applies. If you lie and say they swerve and found a body in a car, and then later admit you lied about it, you could easily get the murderer off. Fruit of the poisonous can not be used in court, and I can guarantee you that the defense will throw everything he/she has at the 4th amendment violation.
The way I looked at your question is from the viewpoint of one who has wiped blood off a juke box and kept my mouth shut because the police were there to protect me and my boss's property from a couple of guys who wanted a free lunch (literally) and started crying about their rights. Nothing ever did come of that but if it had I would have sworn I didn't see anything or was in the back at the time and heard nothing.
You make a judgement on the circumstances. A lot of this story depends on how well you trust your superiors.
I feel similarly about torture of prisoners. Perhaps a necessary evil. And yes it is evil to torture. But sometimes necessary. The reason these things are done "under cover" is because they should be done as seldom as possible but when they are done should not be tackled half-azzed.
If I had further info I might have said something different like if I suspected the boss of taking bribes or something. But all things being equal you have to sometimes roll with the flow.
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