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Opinions & Editorials Discuss How Trump changed everything for The Onion at the General Forum; Interview with Chad Nackers of the satire paper The Onion . https://www.politico.com/story/2018/...stories-597809 POLITICO: Iím interested in getting a sense of ...

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Old 06-17-2018, 05:20 PM
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Default How Trump changed everything for The Onion

Interview with Chad Nackers of the satire paper The Onion.


POLITICO: Iím interested in getting a sense of your process, particularly on the politics-related articles that you do, and how thatís changed since Trump took over.

Nackers: This is my fourth different administration that Iíve covered, starting with Clinton. I started in 1997. Each one has been a little different. Clinton felt like things were good in the country. The economy was really robust. There was more of a playful making fun of Clinton for various things.

And then Bush ushered in this scarier era with 9/11 and the Iraq War. Thatís when The Onion started getting a little bit harder satirically, I think. Obama presented a whole different thing. When Obama started, we did a lot of articles about Time publishing the definitive puff piece about Obama. So while we may have been excited about the first black president, it also seemed like it was all kid gloves for the first six months. Itís interesting because that just completely disappeared, and youíre like, ďOh, thatís not happening anymore.Ē

Trump poses definitely an interesting challenge, and it goes pretty deep. Weíre so divided in this country politically right now that I feel like people can be very dismissive if they think youíre doing a joke thatís critical of Trump. Theyíll be like, ďThatís not funny. Thatís no good.Ē On the other hand, I think overly left-leaning people can be too on board with anything someone says, not even an Onion thing. Theyíll believe anything as long as itís hammering Trump.

Obama was more of a traditional president as far as his decorum and even his preparation and policy. He seemed like a pretty organized guy. You leap off of that and so things can be more surreal and absurd when youíre making fun of him. Whereas Trump is kind of starting from this point of already being kind of absurd.
So this is where we are, folks, a President so crazy and anti-American, the Onion has a hard time doing sarcasm on him for fear people will believe it.
Stay tuned. The circus ain't over yet.
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