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Opinions & Editorials Discuss Trump-Russia: The Secret Deal Exposed at the General Forum; There are many possible branches when it comes to connecting Donald Trump with the Russians, all of which Trump denies ...

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Old 01-04-2018, 07:52 AM
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Default Trump-Russia: The Secret Deal Exposed

There are many possible branches when it comes to connecting Donald Trump with the Russians, all of which Trump denies and calls a hoax. Steve Bannon has just stated that the investigation is focused on money laundering and the Mueller investigation is known to be following the money trail in it's investigation. That's something that I don't have enough information to draw any conclusions but there is one part of the investigation where the "dots" seem to be in place to reach a conclusion based upon what we do know.

The dots can be followed when it comes to collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. While some have tried to claim that Trump didn't know anything, including statements by Donald Trump, and that all of these events happened independently in a vacuum that's illogical. All of these events were important enough for the top members of the Trump campaign, including Donald Trump that would have been in charge of providing direction to the campaign, to be informed of.

So let's just start at the beginning and follow the time line.

In May of 2016, before anyone knew that the Russians had hacked the Democratic emails, George Papadopoulos told an Australian diplomat that Russia had "political dirt" (emails) on Hillary Clinton. The Trump campaign knew before anyone else about that Russia has hacked emails. NYT: Papadopoulos told Australian diplomat Russia had Clinton dirt - CNNPolitics

On June 9th Trump Campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump's sone-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Jr. met with a delegation of Russians at Trump Tower about the Democratic emails that were in the possession of Russian intelligence. This meeting wasn't about the emails being given to the Trump campaign. This meeting was about what the Trump campaign had to do for Russia (Putin) in return for Russia to release the emails. Putin (Russia) is not a charitable organization that gives away anything. At that meeting the Russian representatives discussed the Russian adoption program that Russia ended when the US impose sanctions related to the Ukraine. To resume the adoptions Trump would need to lift the sanctions if elected. It was a simple Quid Pro Quo arrangement. Russia would help Trump get elected with the release of the emails (and other efforts) and in return Trump would lift the sanction against Russia if elected.

Donald Trump was the only person that could make the commitment to end the sanctions against Russia (that Putin wanted lifted) and being an unscrupulous businessman Trump was not going to decline the offer. No one cared whether it was legal or illegal because, like all crooks, they never thought they'd get caught.


We know the deal was agreed to because within a couple of weeks Russia began releasing the emails through WikiLeaks. Trump Jr later had a direct contact with WikiLeaks so that he could get the information first.

With the public awareness of the emails the Australian government notified the FBI that Papadopoulos had shared the information about the Russians in May.

On June 24th the FBI announced it was launching the investigation and based upon the information supplied by the Australian government, that it received from Papadopoulos, the connection between emails, Russia, and the Trump campaign was established as the basis for the FBI investigation.

Christopher Steele that was in contact with his numerous sources inside of Russia was also informed of this "secret deal between Trump and the Russians (Putin) and, after discussing it with Fusion GPS, contacted an FBI agent he knew in London. It was then that Steele began providing the FBI with copies of the memos he was writing on Trump. Steele had provided information from his contacts in Russia before and it has been extremely helpful in FBI criminal cases as well as being considered valuable to the US State Department. Steele's reputation was exceptional and his knowledge and contacts in Russia were unmatched..

Fusion GPS never informed Steele of who their client was (Hillary Campaign) nor did the provide any directions on his inquiry except a high level one to look into Trump's affairs in Russia.

Parts of the Steele memos (dossier) have been substantiated. The Steele memos mentioned specific meetings between Trump campaign members and the Russians that eventually lead to the secret agreement between Donald Trump and the Russians. Several of those meeting, like one with Carter Page, have been verified as having taken place. Carter Page denies it was related to the Trump Campaign but that just goes along with all of the other denials of meetings between members of the Trump campaign with the Russians that have since be identified.

Russia, as we know, mounted an extensive covert campaign to help Trump get elected. In addition to releasing the Democratic emails they also waged an extensive social media campaign the reached well over 100 million American voters. It was highly successful according to both US and Russian sources. Once again we know that Russia would not done this out of the goodness of Putin's heart.

Further evidence that the agreement existed comes after the election.

On Dec 29, 2016 Michael Flynn meet with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, to let him know to nor worry about the new sanctions against Russia that the Obama Administration was imposing because of the Russian interventionism in the US election. Flynn assured Kislyak that Trump would remove the sanctions once he was in office. Only Donald Trump could have authorized Flynn to make those assurances to Russia.

One last piece of undeniable evidence of Trump's agreement with Russia (Putin) came after Trump took office.

When Congress, wary of Trump's obvious close ties to Russia, passed legislation with a veto proof majority that required additional sanctions against Russia, that Trump could not lift, Trump flew into a rage. He made public statements disparaging this legislation because it prevented Trump from unilaterally lifting the sanctions imposed.
Trump turns fury on Congress over Russia sanctions law | Daily Mail Online

Donald Trump may fear other revelations or wrong-doing that will be uncovered by the Mueller investigation such as illegal financial activities that the Kushner's and Trump may have engaged in. We don't know all there is that Trump is running scared from when it comes to the Russia investigation. What we do know is that there was a agreement by Donald Trump to lift US sanctions against Russia if he was elected.

Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that Russia is apparently continuing to assist Donald Trump. It was found that during the recent public comment period for the Net Neutrality decision by the FCC that hundreds of thousands of the comments came from Russia and that a very large percentage of the comments were from fictitious accounts of stolen identities. When private polling shows that over 80% Americans supported Net Neutrality, including 75% of Republicans, that the FCC's "Comments" supported repeal defied reality and we know why because it was based upon fraudulent comments being submitted. The Wall Street Journal investigated the public comments on the revocation of the Fiduciary Rule to protect the investments retirees (i.e. the investment agent must work in the retiree's best interests) and found that 40% of the sample represented fake comments being submitted. The scope of this identify fraud to support Trump's agenda all points to Russia as being behind it.

Russia (Putin) supported Trump in return for what Trump promised Russia (Putin) and Russia (Putin) continues to actively support Donald Trump today.
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