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Opinions & Editorials Discuss Buckle Your Seat Belt - It's Going To Be..... at the General Forum; a bumpy flight. Shesh, damn - Delta Airlines pilot, flying out of Stapleton Airport, Denver, today, did a barrel roll ...

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Default Buckle Your Seat Belt - It's Going To Be.....

a bumpy flight.

Shesh, damn - Delta Airlines pilot, flying out of Stapleton Airport, Denver, today, did a barrel roll and ground loop on a non-stop to Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale, with a tail dragger DC-9, fully loaded with passengers - who also were fully loaded.....

On the tarmac in Denver, all the passengers ignored the Fasten Seat Belt signs and instructions of the Flight Attendants, which were somewhat hard to hear, voices were slurred - passengers were already at 10,000 feet and hadn't even left the ground yet.....

The pilots had directional difficulties and language communication problems with Denver's Air Traffic Controllers, who seemed to be speaking in tongues all day long, wonder the place didn't turn into a bumper cars derby....

Flight Attendants began serving lunch immediately upon takeoff, menu was full brownie buffet, all you can eat, and although the aircraft arrived in Florida on-time, it was one hour late getting to the terminal, because the pilot landed with the wheels up, and had to gun the aircraft on its belly to the jetway.

Anybody complain? Not a one, happy, contented group, TSA was laughing and waving passengers through security like it was a national holiday - which - in a way it was. Marijuana became legal in Colorado today, heavily taxed, but WOW THE BENEFITS..... All available, previously unrented retail and office spaces, warehouses and garages in Denver, are no rented out as pot emporiums as the state rolls over into somnolence. The sky slopes were packed, well, at least the chair lifts were, nobody could seem to remember to step off the things at the top, and they are still riding. Probably will have a whole lot of frostbitten, stoned skiers by the end of the day - but - hell - they don't give a damn.

Actually, for a Western, hunting state, with guns-guns-guns, the new legalization of pot is a superb idea. If the President is looking for a legacy to his administration, he should follow Colorado's lead. Had this law been put into effect earlier - that Batman premier theater shooting, probably wouldn't have happened, guy would have forgot what he intended to do, toked up, and crashed in the parking lot.

National legalization of pot, following Colorado's magnificent lead, gotta love their State Legislature's thinking on this one. Imagine all the "delay of game" penalties Peyton Manning and the Broncos will get in the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, when Peyton walks over to the ref and says, blowing smoke out his helmet ear hole, "hey, give us a break - we are having a pot party in this huddle."

Only in America.......it's like the reincarnation of George Carlin's famous Hippie - Dippy - Weatherman routine, but this time it's true.....
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belt, buckle, going, seat, your

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