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Opinions & Editorials Discuss you gotta hand it to the democrats... at the General Forum; Originally Posted by 40yearfan Obama could have changed it and as a matter of fact he did change it. He ...

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Old 09-20-2012, 05:26 PM
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Default Re: you gotta hand it to the democrats...

Originally Posted by 40yearfan View Post
Obama could have changed it and as a matter of fact he did change it. He added another $1.2 trillion to it. Bush's original budget showed an overage of $400 billion. By the time the Democrats got done with it, they tripled it.
No dude, He simply put Bush's War spending back on the budget so it would reflect the real deficit. Bush left a 1.2 trillion deficit, Obama added 200 billion to that.. that's all the spending he added.

Originally Posted by 40yearfan View Post
So what. It didn't have to remain at that. Now Obama is talking about cutting $4 trillion out of the debt. If he can do that now, he could have done that in his first year?
You know damn well he couldn't just go in and start cutting like you imply. He couldn't just end the Wars, he couldn't reverse the tax cuts... He was forced by circumstance to continue the Bush spending until he got our feet back under us, then by the time he had done that the Republicans had taken the House and blocked his agenda... Where have you been.

Originally Posted by 40yearfan View Post
Who cares what the spending level was. Obama had ever chance during his 4 years to cut spending, but he didn't. He would have spent a lot more if the Republicans hadn't stopped his masssive spending inititives.
Because your republican math isn't adding up, that's why. Spending has risen at 0.04%... Period. Tht doesn't add up to 5 Trillion dollars no matter how you try to slice it.

Originally Posted by 40yearfan View Post
More baloney. Obama couldn't even get ONE of his own Democrats to vote for either of his budget proposals and you want to blame that on the Republicans. The same old tired excuses and BS. And then you blame Bush for a lack of revenue even though the highest revenue this government ever had was in 2007 when they received over $2.5 trillion in revenue. Also Obama could have stopped the Bush tax cuts, but he was too big a wimp to do so. Some leader. We are $5 trillion more in debt since Obama took office. It's his responsibility. Quit making excuses for him.
First of all they never voted on Obama's budget after the first one, which did pass both house and Senate but stalled in appropriations. If you're referring to the mythical 414-0 vote then that is laughable... that was a gimmick by republicans and has been debunked as such.

Second.. You can't just look at one year of revenues and say " Oh boy, Bush didn't cut Revenues. The Bush tax cuts came with a price tag of over 3 trillion dollars.. So we had one good year, what about the 7 bad ones we had that go with that. Obama couldn't just stop the bush tax cuts.. it was signed Law, and had an expiration date. When it came time to extend them yes he could have said no... but then again he had Republicans whining about raising taxs on the Rich and blaming Obama for raising taxes on the middle class, so he traded them for Unemployment . Point is, Bush never should have cut them to begin with.

Originally Posted by 40yearfan View Post
I don't know how many times I have proved you wrong on this point, but you can't comprehend. The auto bailouts have not been mostly paid back. We still own General Motors. Where do you get your information? And he didn't save a dime out of Medicare yet. He projected those cost savings and does so by cutting payments to doctors and hospitals. Another doctors fix that Congress will have to kick forward every year, just like the $500 billion they are doing now. If they don't materialize, how is he going to pay for Obamacare? I tell you how. Borrow more money from the Chinese.
You haven't proven me wrong ... The Auto Bail outs have been MOSTLY paid back. We still own the stock yes, but they won't sell until the price will return at least the amount invested. If they sell now they lose money.. kind of goes against the point huh....
Finally you get something right.. He hasn't saved a dime yet.. but he will when everything goes into effect. Most of the Obama spending , what little he has managed to do, will come later in his second term. The national debt as it stands now mostly belongs to The Republican Party ... and tht's pretty much ALL of the 16 trillion.

Originally Posted by 40yearfan View Post
Really. Why didn't he do this in 2009? Nothing but empty promises.
Because he didn't. He didn't make it worse, he's actually slowed spending. He would also be able to cut spending if Republicans would work with him instead of protecting the filthy rich . Any reasonable human who pays the slightest bit of attention will know they will NEVER balance the budget by spending cuts alone. So until your party is ready to give up some revenue increases I'm afraid it's deadlock... That is until the people get tired enough to toss Republicans back to the curb. If that ever happens again they'll be wishing they would have given Obama his 4.6%, cause the next Democrat may want 50%...

Originally Posted by 40yearfan View Post
Fact: The national debt stood at $10.6 trillion when Obama took office. It is now over $16 trillion. The man responsible for it is Obama.
Broad Brushing doesn't answer the bogus claim you made. I realize you love to dance, but don't you get tired of running too?..
“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”
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