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Opinions & Editorials Discuss My View: The Heart of the Modern Democratic Party and it's direction for America at the General Forum; The Democratic Party is moving from dominance by one mindset to another. It's quite a mix of competing interests these ...

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Arrow My View: The Heart of the Modern Democratic Party and it's direction for America

The Democratic Party is moving from dominance by one mindset to another.
It's quite a mix of competing interests these days.

Some are old-fashioned democrats, and this group is aging and leaving this Earth. This was the majority of the Democratic Party when it was SO much more racist than now- which is mostly the racism of neglect and pandering for votes.
These were the people who wanted to help their fellow man as long as he was White. For them, it wasn't about your money, it was about culture and power. These were the Southern Democrats who backed the Klan. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Robert Byrd, Ernest Hollings to name a few.
Yes, this was the generation of FDR who perpetrated the most racist act since slavery - the Japanese internment camps.

It was FDR who appointed some of the most racist SCOTUS judges we've had. Jimmy Byrnes - a notorious segregationist, and Hugo Black, a Klansman.

It was also the generation of FDR that fought and died in WWII to preserve freedom in this world. The ordinary man was a good Democrat. Some were racist, some were not. But most believed in Liberty. The Wilson socialists were quiet, but working like busy little bees. They could step back into the shadows because the Democratic Party was promoting their agenda

And then we had a transition period to modern liberal idealism. Young people who really wanted to help their fellow man. For them it wasn't about the money either. Good people, but oh so naive.
Mixed in with them were radicals. Devotees of Saul Alinsky and admirers of Karl Marx.

These individuals inherited the mantle of Wilson. They were the roots of modern Marxism in America. And so it came to be, that this is the face of the Democratic Party today. Socialism, Marxism, and Globalism.
Pro-one world govt under the direction of the UN. Pro-Palestinian at the expense of the only Democracy in the Middle East.and pro-Radical Islam.

They're the senior activists now. The 60s generation. They're older and have money, power, and a network. They pimped civil rights for the voting bloc that Blacks bring to them.
Yes, there are Black Marxists and Black Islamic leaders, like Farrakhan, but the real gold for the Democratic Party is the sheer number of Black votes they want and need. Social programs bring millions of votes from poor Blacks - and Whites too. The votes of the poor and minorities are gathered like poker chips.

They don't want to go to Europe - they want to change America to a socialist/Marxist country and that's the rub. The rest of us want a limited govt in the vision of the founding fathers.
They know they can't do this in the light of day, so they do it by stealth, and misdirection.

They have one more thing. They have a man in the presidency.

But there are problems on the horizon for the Democratic party.

Mr. Obama is not doing well. He pleases no one. The far left say he's a corporatist, and a sell out. The middle see him as just a failure. The right is against him on policy.

And worse than that, the left has overplayed their collectivist hand by becoming too obvious, playing the race and hate card ad nauseum, letting the Unions show their greed, and sparking the notice of Constitutionalists to the point of creating a need; a need that became the Tea Party.

The perfect storm is coming together for the Democratic Party. The balance has tipped by necessity. They've run out of others' money to spend and people see their money and Liberty being taken. They have in fact awakened another Sleeping Giant. The one that represents the greatest American tradition of all: Freedom.

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