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Open Discussion Discuss A ‘Green’ Energy Project Leaves A Mississippi Town Gasping For Air at the General Forum; Originally Posted by saltwn the government of Texas did not properly regulate the industry. Correct federal regulators can only lead ...

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Old 12-24-2021, 11:10 PM
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Default Re: A ‘Green’ Energy Project Leaves A Mississippi Town Gasping For Air

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
the government of Texas did not properly regulate the industry. Correct
federal regulators can only lead that broke down old mule to water, Hoss. But if'n' the cantankerous grifters in that state house won't drink it : ta hell with the people right?
Federal regulators????

Why would federal regulators be any different?

Why should I accept that nonsense? You've shown no evidence that the Feds would be any better. Did they actually lead the mules as you say? prove that.

Federal regulators were most certainly involved here. But they are also appointees, no different than state guys who are local, whereas Federal guys would be distant and limited to making standard rules equally enforced in all states.

But enough pettifogging from you. This thread isn't about Texas but a pellet plant in Mississippi where Federal authorities let the European Union cheat the green initiatives agreements on a grand scale.
European Union and British regulators decided that emissions from wood-fired power plants would not count the same as pollution from fossil fuel generators, making companies like Drax eligible for billions in subsidies for green energy. The firm received nearly $1.1 billion in clean power subsidies last year alon.

So, please explain the wisdom of "Federal Regulators" leading a Texas mule to water.
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Old 12-25-2021, 05:57 AM
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Default Re: A ‘Green’ Energy Project Leaves A Mississippi Town Gasping For Air

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
The Biden administration loves to yammer on about clean green energy and all the great jobs it's going to create as if there are no environmental consequences associated with this magical solution. Here is the story of a Mississippi resident who returned to her hometown now dominated by a wood pellet processing plant.

That's right, the forest of Gloster, Mississippi is being cut down to process into fuel to provide energy for British customers. The Biden administration who constantly see systemic racism everywhere in the US and lecture us shamelessly about being evil polluters responsible for climate change have no problem with a British utility giant exploiting a poor mostly black community for a wood pellet plant.

The article doesn't mention it but it seems likely the plant produces waste water as part of the wood pellet manufacturing process.

It seems odd that burning coal or natural gas is condemned as adding to climate change but burning wood on a large scale to produce electricity is OK. But fear not, the climate bureaucrats have a solution.

That's right, climate czar bureaucrats have sanctified the green house gasses from burning wood so it's all good. Let the subsidized smoke stacks bellow.
How exactly are wood pellets green energy?
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