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cnredd 10-28-2021 01:24 PM

Obama Calls Bruce Springsteen's Fans racist: Bruce Agrees
Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama wrote a book...Here, they talk about it...

Obama tells us that Bruce's mainly white audience loved Clarence Clemons on stage, but would call him the N-word if they were sitting in a bar with him...Bruce's response?..."Yeah"...:mad

...at 7:08 of the video...


“What Bruce and Clarence portrayed on stage was essentially a reconciliation,” Obama claims.

“That's right,” Springsteen agrees.

“But most of your audiences were primarily white,” Obama says to Springsteen. “And they can love Clarence when he’s on stage but if they ran into him in a bar…”

“Oh yeah,” agrees Springsteen.

“Suddenly the N-word comes out,” Obama continued.

“Yeah.” Springsteen agrees again.

Been a fan of Springsteen's for the last 40 years?...Congratulations! The former president thinks you're a racist and the object of your adulation thinks so, too!...:rolls

GetAClue 10-28-2021 02:07 PM

Re: Obama Calls Bruce Springsteen's Fans racist: Bruce Agrees
I've loved Springsteen's music since I can remember but was never a fan of the person.

As for Obama, he likes to tell us what we think about other people. I was not aware that he was a mind reader.

From the people that I know that are also Springsteen fans, they are very similar to me. We don't judge people by their immutable characteristics but by their actions. If a person treats me and others with respect, they will receive the same from me regardless of their skin color.

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