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Open Discussion Discuss George Zimmerman: Man Acquitted in Trayvon Martin Death Reportedly Shares Pic of Mart at the General Forum; Originally Posted by jimbo I think you need to do a little research before posting. Martin may have brought fists ...

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Old 05-09-2017, 02:12 PM
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Default Re: George Zimmerman: Man Acquitted in Trayvon Martin Death Reportedly Shares Pic of

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
I think you need to do a little research before posting. Martin may have brought fists to a gunfight, but he was't mugging Zimmerman.
He also had valid reasons for being alarmed when he noticed he was being followed by an (Armed) vigilante (Zimmerman stopped being a neighborhood watch member the moment he began to follow Martin) that had assumed Martin was a criminal because Martin was a young black man. As a precaution Martin took a circular route to the residence where he was staying in an effort to lose his pursuer. When he managed to lose Zimmerman he started to return his residence and unexpectedly encountered Zimmerman. What had been a remote threat while he was being followed became an imminent threat because of proximity to Zimmerman. He responded to the imminent threat to his personal safety by attacking Zimmerman with his fists. Zimmerman responded by pulling his gun and killing Martin.

The burden of proof that Zimmerman acted criminally against Martin in shooting and killing Martin was not met by the prosecution but that didn't not establish that Zimmerman hadn't murdered Martin when Martin was acting lawfully in self-defense of his person.

While not prosecuted by the federal government Zimmerman violated Martin's civil rights by profiling Martin as a criminal just because he was a young black person.

What Martin's behavior was outside of the context of him being killed by Zimmerman has no bearing on the fact that Zimmerman racially profiled Martin as a criminal, then followed Martin as an armed vigilante, created a legitimate threat to Martin, and then when Martin responded in an act of self-defense when the threat became imminent, pulled a gun, shot and killed Martin.
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