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Open Discussion Discuss Pull the plug on israel? at the General Forum; [ Moderator Mode ] the personal attacks and get back to debating the issue! [/ Moderator Mode ]...

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Old 07-19-2012, 06:44 PM
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Default Re: Pull the plug on israel?

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the personal attacks and get back to debating the issue!

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Old 07-19-2012, 08:40 PM
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Default Re: Pull the plug on israel?

Originally Posted by lackluster View Post
I didn't make anything up, you moronic piece of human filth.

Uh huh. Just a few of the blatant lies you've posted...

Originally Posted by lackluster View Post
She was supporting your antisemitism by ridiculing the notion that there was anything antisemitic about your outrageously nazi-like canards.

Since she has actually promoted a neo-nazi site here in the past, the two of you are quite similar in your approach.
Originally Posted by lackluster View Post
When people stop talking like Nazis, I will have no reason to confront them for it.

The fact that there are so many of your ilk who are so consistent in their hatred and idiotic double talk helps keep me so consistent in my replies.
Originally Posted by lackluster View Post
These Nazi-like individuals have joined a cause, but don't really case what that cause actually entails. That those they have joined have elevated terrorism to their raison D'etre doesn't matter to them. That the people they have joined kill their daughters and call it "honor" disturbs them not in the least. That the people they join willingly elect a genocidal organization to represent them only makes their love for them grow.

This isn't a rational political position people have taken, but is more akin to joining a cult. It is the behavior of a true believer who is battling their own demons by creating Jews as the demons they must battle and these Arabs who now call themselves "Palestinian" their champions.
Originally Posted by lackluster View Post
I realize that dishonest moral equivalencies are the stock and trade of those of you with the more Nazi-like viewpoints, but the statistics are relevant to the discussion because they point to the absurdity of your propaganda.
Originally Posted by lackluster View Post
If you did not engage in the underhandedness with such great regularity, you would not be called on it.

Evidently, the only "real" discussion you would allow is one that hates Israel to the point where such matters as who has actually succeeded in this "Ethnic Clensing" is moot.
You were asked to provide evidence of your lies by way of quoting anyone posting anything - ANYTHING - pro-nazi or anti-Semitic or proclaiming hate for israel or jews or anything of the sort. You have avoided such requests, since as we all know, such posts don't exist because all you've done is post a bunch of stupid **** you made up.

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

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Default Re: Pull the plug on israel?

Originally Posted by StanFan View Post
The Mavi Marmara of course carried no so-called humanitarian aid. Its purpose was simply to break the blockade or the passengers become martyred in attempting to break the blockade

Turkey was a friend of Israel in the past but backing the IHH shows its colours.
Interesting that you keep posting this and ignore the story of the ship the SS President Warfield, renamed Exodus, that sailed from France to Palestine in 1947, carrying 1600 men, 1282 women and 1672 children and teenagers, all Jewish Holocaust survivors, bound for British mandated Palestine.

Their purpose, break the British Royal Navy blockade, and run the ship aground in Palestine, in full view of the world press, releasing their passengers. This so-called "illegal" emigration of Jews to Palestine, was opposed by the British government, and enforced by the Royal Navy, which captured and boarded the ship 20-miles off the Palestine coast, after a fire fight with the passengers while boarding.

They transferred all of them to other ships in Haifa, and to make the point to the world that Jews could not emigrate to Palestine, sent them, not to Cypress, where the British had 500,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors imprisoned in concentration camps hoping to emigrate to Palestine, but to France, where the ship sailed from.

The British government's position at that time was that any European country providing assistance to Hagannah Palestine emigration policy, that provided aid, or ships as transportation, would have it sent right back to them. Of course, the French didn't comply. The French government gave no aid to the ship upon its return, saying the passengers could disembark in France freely if they wanted to, but were under no obligation to observe the British instruction to do so. The Jewish emigrant agency Hagannah, encouraged the passengers to stay aboard, and eventually, the ship was sent, with them, to the British occupied zone of postwar Germany, where the passengers were placed behind barbed wire camps, guarded by the British Army, and all passenger's were investigated to determine if they were "terrorists." The world community of course, chastised the British for this folly, but that country was noted for long term terror and mismanagement of their empire. Consider 700-years of misrule of Ireland, a country not much bigger than Israel.

BTW, the concentration camp was a British invention from the 1899-1902 South African Boer War, when the British destroyed the Dutch Boer civilian population, burning their homes, destroying their crops, executing without trial, all members of the Boer fighters captured, and imprisoning
men, women, children and infants and starving them to death behind barbed wire camps. Sir Winston Churchill, a newspaper writer of the time was captured, escaped, and broke the story to the world press. Cecil Rhodes (founder of the Rhodes scholarship's) - ignited the Boer War with a British invasion of the South African Transvaal Region, where the diamonds are located. That area of South Africa was populated by tough farming stock Dutch Boer's, who had been in South Africa for 300-years, a miniscule amount of time compared to the Arab-Jewish population's existence in Palestine. Rhodesia was named after Cecil Rhodes.

Interesting, that the government of Israel today, doesn't seem to remember being treated this way in 1947 regarding the Marvi Marmara incident, boarding and capturing a ship flying the flag of a NATO member, and long-time sympathetic ally of theirs, Turkey. The Exodus was a Hagannah ship, flying a Honduran flag, representing no country, and turned back by the British. It isn't Turkey showing their true colors when the shoe is on the other foot here, it is the government of Israel.[/QUOTE]
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