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foundit66 02-28-2014 11:03 AM

Re: Police Probe Threatening ’1 Percent’ Graffiti Left On Atherton Homes

Originally Posted by cnredd (Post 640275)
foundit66 started a thread a couple of weeks ago where Tom Perkins said that the hatred today in America toward the rich feels like the hatred toward the Jews in Germany before violence against them happened later...

When you have vandalism of homes in the form of “F*** the 1%” and “kill people.”, it validates Perkins concern...:yes :(

Oh yes.
One graffiti example makes an epidemic... Exactly how it started with the Jews...


Originally Posted by cnredd
But eight years before Kristallnacht Germany didn't have a state sponsored industrialized machine committed to genocide...
It morphed INTO one years later...
And Kristallnacht also had civilian participation...An "Occupy Germany", if you will...

You can't be serious.
In a multitude of ways, the uber-rich have disproportionate power in this country. Especially thanks to profoundly flawed court rulings which confuse money with free speech and corporations with people.


Originally Posted by loboloco
Do you seriously believe that the persecutions committed in the 30's and 40's...

You missed what winston53660 was actually saying.

Either that, or you SERIOUSLY need to compare:
* one act of graffiti, vs
* the actual climate of the 30's and 40's for anti-Semitism.

We're talking mole-hills and mountains here. :yes

The Sage of Main Street 02-28-2014 12:41 PM

As the Guillotine Rusts, So Does Freedom

Originally Posted by cnredd (Post 640291)

And Kristallnacht also had civilian participation...An "Occupy Germany", if you will...:yes

The Occupuppies are the rest of the spoiled, sheltered, and arrogant upper class, a faction of 2-5% Heirheads who are afraid that the 1% will disempower them next. By the way they behave, it is obvious that they are infiltrated by agents of the 1% who try to give anyone against the 1% a bad name. Regardless, they are of no significance other than what the media claim they are. They are a factoid to avoid. Our plutocracy of thieves and traitors can only benefit from having such weird and bossy scumbags pose as the alternative to them. They are just like the phony anti-war protesters of the 60s, whose main point was that GIs born in the working class were baby-killers.

To all you Bootlickers and Plutes Wearing the Boots, there is probably nothing to worry about.I don't see the rest of the 99% manning up and destroying our feudal aristocracy. But history is full of unlikely uprisings. Before 1910, the Mexicans slavishly submitted to a 40-year dictatorship, then suddenly revolted in a continual bloodbath that if repeated in America today, would kill 18 million people.

I met someone who had left Poland before Solidarnost got started. He said that the Poles had been just as apathetic, resigned, and submissive as Americans (except for the well-rehearsed media creations) are today.

Here's a meme that if believed in would destroy Class Supremacy: All the Rich Hate, Despise, and Fear All Other White People

The Sage of Main Street 02-28-2014 12:56 PM

No One Has a Right to His Daddy's Money

Originally Posted by Mikeyy (Post 640305)
Does FOX news not push an agenda to their followers of superiority? Do they not call themselves "Real Americans" as opposed to those other people? Believe me this false patriotism is on the rise and it comes from the right. The 47% comments. The idea that Obama gets elected by appealing to people who want free stuff. This stuff in engrained in RW thinking. The divide comes from the right. Wake up or I can give you more examples.

The Left comes from the Right too. The Preppy Progressives and Trustfundie Treehuggers are agents of the Right Wing; that's why they are called "Limousine Liberals." They don't have minds of their own, but are totally driven by the Class Supremacy agenda they were born with. They purposely make up a well-publicized fake agenda that disgusts, insults, and threatens the majority, driving Real Americans into the paws of Fox, where its claws will rip out their democratic Americanism and it jaws will crush them when they are no longer amusing to play with. Bagheads are stunted people who hated their Daddies for not getting rich and spoiling them, that's why they think they are getting even when the adopt the plutocrats as infallible father-figures.

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