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GottaGo 07-06-2020 03:02 PM

RIP Charlie Daniels
A huge loss to Country Music and America.

The man and his music were legend.

Rest easy, Charlie.... :(



Daniels had nine gold, platinum, or multiplatinum albums, according to the Country Music Hall of Fame, where he was inducted into in 2016. Eight years earlier, he became a Grand Ole Opry cast member.

Lumara 07-06-2020 06:22 PM

Re: RIP Charlie Daniels
I was so sorry to learn this. He was an amazing fiddler and a strong patriot who will be missed. I loved his fiddling here:

Dave1 07-06-2020 09:45 PM

Re: RIP Charlie Daniels
Old Charlie had a good run.....

RIP Long Haired Country Boy.....:jesus

GetAClue 07-07-2020 08:11 AM

Re: RIP Charlie Daniels
I met Charlie Daniels a few years ago and found him to be quite genuine and very patriotic. He had just completed a show and was heading back to his tour bus. There was a small bus from the local veterans home with older veterans that had attended the show, parked very close to his tour bus. He made a point to stop and go onto the bus and shake hands with all of the veterans on that bus.

As I had helped assist those vets, I had learned of the story of one man in particular that had worked for Gen Eisenhower during WWII in Europe. I told Mr. Daniel the short story about that man on the bus and he was almost moved to tears. He made a point to thank me for the info and then to talk with the bus driver to make arraignments to meet with the vet the next day and the veteran home.

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