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News & Current Events Discuss The globalists continue to push for war this time IRAN at the General Forum; Originally Posted by mr wonder a Hard on against starting stupid BS wars were thousand-to-millions of people on both sides ...

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Old 06-22-2019, 08:18 AM
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Default Re: The globalists continue to push for war this time IRAN

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
a Hard on against starting stupid BS wars
were thousand-to-millions of people on both sides are killed for no good reason,
All countries gets poorer and we get billions deeper in debt,
tons of resources wasted overseas,
more soldier commit suicide?
OK sure.
if "gettin a hard on' is how you want to describe how intense some feel about pointing out those who CLEARLY want Stupid BS wars. And want to help others to see the same.

For me BS war and abortion are part of the same plate of unjustified murders.
Planned Parenthood and their friends make up BS excuses and euphemisms to keep the the murder legal and profitable all at while claiming to "help" women.
People like Bolton make up BS excuses to go war with various countries with some air of legally.... with profitability, all at while claiming to "defend" America and the "oppressed people".
Bottom line legalized murder, disabilities, mental harm, theft etc all to profit a few.
Yeah I'm against it.
The root cause of the current situation is the sham agreement Obama insisted on creating. The Iranians didn't even sign it and the inspection regime is a joke. The Iranian mullahs got legitimacy in the form of sanctions relief and billions in cash from the US.

There is never an explanation given as to how Trump was supposed to induce the Iranian theocracy to come back to the bargaining table. Let's just pretend the only alternative to Obama's farcical agreement is all out war. In the interest of "peace" it's necessary to look the other way while Iran becomes a Middle East version of North Korea a bellicose dictatorship armed with nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them with missiles. The mullahs demonstrated with human wave charges and chemical weapons their disregard for the lives of their own people but ought to let them go ahead and pretend like it's not going to happen.

President Trump withdrew the US from the sham agreement and reimposed economic sanctions. Instead of coming to the bargaining table the stepped up their aggression and mobilized their proxies. Even after President Trump has shown incredible restraint after the Iranians shot down our surveillance drone the critics insist he must purge senior members of his administration because they are war mongers.

Of course the only suggestion for dealing with the Iranians is to resume Obama's policy of crawling on hands and knees to the mullahs.
If Democrats were confident their nominee actually received more than 80 million votes they wouldn't have more troops occupying Washington, DC than Lincoln had defending the city during the Civil War. Not Joe Biden, Kim Jung Biden.
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