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News & Current Events Discuss Bernie Sanders suggests Disney should use 'Avengers: Endgame' profits to pay workers at the General Forum; Originally Posted by mr wonder from the 1st post in the thread " ....According to Equilar, Iger (disney's CEO) took ...

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Old 05-06-2019, 07:22 AM
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Default Re: Bernie Sanders suggests Disney should use 'Avengers: Endgame' profits to pay work

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
from the 1st post in the thread
"....According to Equilar, Iger (disney's CEO) took home more than $65 million in 2018. That’s 1,424 times the median pay of a Disney worker,
Quote Franc
"...Bernie should take his argument up with the union, not CEO Igor.
Perhaps workers, who want bonuses for extra success, should leave the faux safety of the union "herd" mentality.

my characterization of your view of CEOs salary was based on the this.
So you DID in fact say that at least one CEOs should make a thousand+ times more. And should not be confronted about it.
There's No presumptions on my part Franc.

Here again you tell me what I have no right to say. I never promoted my opinion as legal or binding on anyone.
While you give your opinion .. Now clothed as "fact"
misdirection and Hypocritical BS.

that's was not even in question.
I said and you BOLDED
"Being CEO doesn't , by default, mean that your efforts are "worth" more. Especially with projects as complex as the marvel film series."
you replied
Uh, yes it does.

that, Franc, is an opinion.

You were not stating "what is" But an opinion about CEO's worth, specifically with Disney's Iger... and with CEOs overall.
And if I have "NO RIGHT" to suggest what their value is worth then neither do you.

Also, I think you know that the salaries and other compensations of CEO's varies wildly across the country and the world and over history. Speaking of WHAT IS, some CEOs take NO salary for a time and allow all the profits to flow to back into the biz, the employees and shareholders. And many businesses are profit-sharing companies down to the janitor level. Also, CEO compensation of thousands of times more than the employees median salary has not been typical for most businesses.
That's part of WHAT IS.
If profit sharing was in the union contract with Disney, your presumptions would be correct. I would ask why the unions don't negotiate that. Were you familiar with union management contracts, perhaps you know the answer.

Enough of the parsing to argue a gossamer position of opinion versus reality.

I started my company on an idea and a credit card. My business license says "for profit" so the state can get it's share of the fruits of my labor. I negotiate wages with my employees that I must pay whether the company makes a small profit a large one or a loss.

Bottom line, I took that risk on myself. I would not have asked my employees to have taken the risk. For the record, we failed and started over several times. Not one employee lost money.

In America, anyone can run their business how they wish. And succeed or fail in the process. The process makes millionaires and paupers of those who try. Historically speaking,,,; Were we actually a socialist country, as you and Bernie would suggest, the experiment would already have failed.
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Old 07-20-2019, 12:00 PM
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Default Re: Bernie Sanders suggests Disney should use 'Avengers: Endgame' profits to pay work

'I was so livid': Disney heiress visits theme park to see worker conditions
As an heiress to the Disney fortune, anything Abigail Disney says about the brand beloved by millions worldwide garners attention. And she’s calling out Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger for his nearly $66 million yearly salary, saying he isn’t doing enough to rectify the huge gap between his own earnings and those of other Disney workers.
“Bob needs to understand he's an employee, just the same as the people scrubbing gum off the sidewalk are employees,” Disney said during an interview with the Yahoo News show “Through Her Eyes.” “And they're entitled to all the same dignity and human rights that he is.”
Iger’s paycheck last year was more than 1,000 times what the median Disney employee made in 2018, according to Equilar.

To understand the grievances of Walt Disney Co. employees, Abigail Disney said she went to Disneyland after receiving a Facebook message from a distressed worker.
“I went to Anaheim, and I wanted to be sure I understood the situation and the context really, really well,” Disney said.
She said what she found at “The Happiest Place on Earth” was a façade that was about to crack from the pressure of making ends meet.
“Every single one of these people I talked to were saying, ‘I don't know how I can maintain this face of joy and warmth when I have to go home and forage for food in other people's garbage,’” she recalled, adding that this was not the work environment her grandfather Roy O. Disney sought out to create.
“I was so livid when I came out of there because, you know, my grandfather taught me to revere these people that take your tickets, that pour your soda,” she continued.
“Those people are much of the recipe for success.”

After this article was published, a spokesperson for the Walt Disney Co. reached out to say the company generally avoids responding to such "baseless" accusations, "but this one is particularly egregious, and we won’t let this stand."
The spokesperson continued: "We strongly disagree with this characterization of our employees and their experience at Disney. This widely reported stunt is a gross and unfair exaggeration of the facts that is not only a misrepresentation but also an insult to the thousands of employees who are part of the Disney community. We continually strive to enhance the employment experience of our more than 200,000 employees through a variety of benefits and programs that provide them opportunity, mobility and well-being."...
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Old 07-22-2019, 12:18 PM
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Default Re: Bernie Sanders suggests Disney should use 'Avengers: Endgame' profits to pay work

What a crock! From what I'm hearing good old Bernie doesn't even pay his own staff the $15.00 an hour pay that he wants the Feds to pass and make minimum wage. Lol, he blames it on the Union. He's nothing but another hypocrite.


Bernie Sanders defends staff compensation after complaints his campaign isn't paying $15 an hour

Brianne Pfannenstiel, Des Moines Register Published 3:12 p.m. CT July 19, 2019 | Updated 4:28 p.m. CT July 19, 2019
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