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News & Current Events Discuss Trump told CBP head he'd pardon if he were sent to jail for violating immigration law at the General Forum; Originally Posted by ShivaTD The thousands of migrant refugees from Central America that have been turned away at US ports ...

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Old 04-16-2019, 08:17 PM
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Default Re: Trump told CBP head he'd pardon if he were sent to jail for violating immigration

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
The thousands of migrant refugees from Central America that have been turned away at US ports of entry in violation of the Refugee Act of 1980 that, because of the humanitarian crisis created by them not being allowed to apply as refugees, are then forced to unlawfully enter the United States to apply for asylum. Those asylum seekers.

There's really no such thing as a sanctuary city. Those cities that are called sanctuary cities are the ones that place local law enforcement efforts above Trump's draconian anti-immigration policies. Local law enforcement is not responsible for enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Asylum seekers and immigrants, legal or illegal, are not "freeloaders" based upon the studies done. Overall immigrants, legal and illegal, pay more in local, state, and federal taxes than they receive in benefits and by the end of ten years of residency they pay more in taxes than Americans in the same income brackets.

When a president knowingly and intentionally violates the law it's abuse of power. President Trump knows he's breaking the law in his immigration actions, such as his "no tolerance" family separation policy, his refusal to allow refugees to apply for asylum when they arrive at a US port of entry, and his forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until their case comes up in the immigration courts.

No President in history has had the federal courts rule their actions are unlawful, unconstitutional, or both more than President Trump. Trump has a 6% winning average in the federal courts.

Note: Trump's promise of a pardon to the head of the CPB if he will commit a crime is a conspiracy to commit a crime and obstruction of justice both of which are abuse of power.

Trump's playing with the head of the US Treasury right now as well. The Treasury has received a lawful request for Trump's tax records and the law states that he "shall" furnish them. This is not a request for the president to turn over his tax records. It's an interbranch of government request that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin must comply with. Failure to comply under the law requires Mnuchin to be removed from office and subjects him to prosecution where he can be fined $5,000, sentenced to 5 years in prison, or both. Donald Trump has no "standing" to object because he's already turned his tax records over to the government. This is purely between the Treasury and the House Ways and Means committee.
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