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Hairy Jello 01-23-2018 02:59 PM

22,000 JPMorgan Chase workers are getting a raise
When peeps complain 'bout the rich and large corporations gettin' tax cuts/breaks, this is one of the reasons it's done.

The poor don't create jobs.

JPMorgan Chase is boosting pay for 22,000 workers, opening 400 branches - Jan. 23, 2018


JPMorgan Chase is giving 22,000 workers a raise.

America's largest bank is also opening up 400 branches in new markets and hiring thousands of new workers as part of a $20 billion spending spree unveiled on Tuesday.

The company said the five-year investment was made possible by the federal tax overhaul and a "more constructive regulatory and business environment." Banks have been among the biggest winners from the corporate tax cuts and President Trump's efforts to cut red tape.

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