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News & Current Events Discuss North Korea's soldiers: A closer look the military's 'fake' capabilities at the General Forum; This is the equivalent of sending a chick on the internet a pic of a huge disco stick because yours ...

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Old 04-26-2017, 04:04 PM
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Default North Korea's soldiers: A closer look the military's 'fake' capabilities

This is the equivalent of sending a chick on the internet a pic of a huge disco stick because yours is smaller than fly doo-doo.

North Korea's soldiers: A closer look the military's 'fake' capabilities | Fox News

North Korea put a variety of new missiles on display during the April 15 parade, and while at least one of them was reportedly a prototype, some experts thought they spotted actual “fakes.” A closer look at some of the soldiers in that parade suggests those missiles may not have been the only things that weren't quite battle ready.

“This was more about sending a message than being combat effective,” said Michael Pregent, a former Army Intelligence Officer with over 28 years of experience working conflicts around the world and now an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C.

Pregent took a look at several photos of North Korean soldiers from the April 15 parade and immediately began poking holes in them. Below are some of the takeaways he shared with Fox’s Investigative Unit.

Commandos or caricatures?

Some of the most memorable images to emerge from North Korea’s dramatic parade featured the special operations “commandos” who were carrying what appeared to be AK-47’s with grenade-launching capabilities. There’s just one problem, Pregent said. “Where are the magazines? There's no place for the magazine to go with the mock grenade launcher in the way,” Pregent noted, calling it a “fake capability.”

It is also possible that the rifles are equipped with what's known as a "helical" magazine, which organizes rounds in a spiral shape to maximize capacity. Pregent notes that there is still the question of whether any of these rifles are actually loaded, as ammunition manufacturing is considered a serious issue for the isolated regime.

It’s not just the weapons those commandos are holding that are fake, Pregent claims, and it seems some of the equipment on display would make for a better fashion show than a foxhole.

Pregent claims that the type of sunglasses being worn by those same troops “looks like a flat-face frame, and that’s not ballistic. That would wraparound and would also protect your eyes.”

Even the fingerless gloves being sported by some of those soldiers are more for show, according to Pregent. “Some of our guys do have them, but most guys go all the way with full gloves based on the heat of the barrel from a round, not to mention they’re fire resistant if you need to pick up something.”

"Fake projectiles"

Some of the other eye-drawing items in the North Korean parade, items that may have zero combat application, are the seemingly oversized projectiles affixed to the end of some of those soldiers’ rifles. And while they apparently come in a variety of shapes and colors, Pregent calls them “laughable.”

“If you look, you can see the plastic is over the muzzle,” Pregent said. And while he admits that some of the North Korean RPG capabilities could be real, the projectiles themselves would have to be fake “because Kim Jong Un doesn’t want them to launch one at the viewing stand,” whether by accident or on purpose.

Also fake, Pregent believes, are what appear to be silver-plated rifles being held by some of the soldiers who seem more front-and-center than the others. “Saddam had gold plated handguns, and even he wouldn’t give them to his troops, so these are most likely painted,” Pregent said.

Not an accurate representation of a white person.
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Thumbs down Re: North Korea's soldiers: A closer look the military's 'fake' capabilities

Fatboy usin' drones to spy onna So. Korea...

Korean tensions explode: South Korea fires at suspected North Korea drone as Pyongyang gears up for war
Wednesday 24th May, 2017 - A day after North Korea touted its second successful missile test in a week, that was fired on Sunday, the South Korean military have said that their alertness was tested on Tuesday.
South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the military reported an incursion when they spotted an object flying from North Korea across the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two countries. The military said that it had fired warning shots at the object, suspected to be a North Korean drone and noted that more than 90 shots were fired in return after which the object disappeared from radar screens. The object was spotted two days after Pyongyang test-fired a ballistic missile, which became its second missile test in seven days. However, reports noted that it was not the first time South Korea has reacted to an object sent across its border.

Early last year, the South fired at an unidentified North Korean aircraft with machine-gun fire after the aircraft crossed the DMZ. At the time, a South Korean official had stated that it "immediately went towards the North.” According to a report prepared by the U.S. Department of Defense and submitted to the Congress, North Korea is believed to have a fleet of more than 1,300 fighter jets, as well as an unspecified number of its own unmanned aerial vehicles. Before that, in 2014, two suspected North Korean drones were found in South Korea, with one being found on the island of Baengnyeong and another in the city of Paju, close to the border.

The current incursion comes a day after tensions reached a new peak following North Korea conducting a missile test on Sunday, and then touting the success of the test firing the next day. Then, North Korea praised its own missile launch and said that it was prepared for action, as the country’s leader had ordered mass production of its latest missile that can not only reach Japan but now has the capability to strike the U.S. too. Experts, however, believe that North Korea’s claims of possessing an intercontinental ballistic missile are exaggerated, even though they fear that eventually, the country might develop a missile which would bring U.S. into its radar.

Granny says the way Fatboy lookin' at him, he better be payin' up on his life insurance.

Meanwhile, all of North Korea nuclear tests have been in strict violation of the UN Security Council sanctions placed against the country. On Tuesday, the United Nations Security Council is set to meet to discuss North Korea's recent actions, including the Sunday missile test. Members of the UNSC condemned Sunday’s launch in a statement, calling it highly destabilising behaviour in "flagrant and provocative defiance of the Security Council."

The United States meanwhile has been persuading China, North Korea's lone major ally, to do more to rein in rival North Korea that has created a situation of war on the Korean peninsula. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yo said in a statement,"We urge North Korea to not do anything to again violate UN Security Council resolutions. At the same time, we hope all parties can maintain restraint, not be influenced by every single incident, ...persist in carrying out Security Council resolutions on North Korea and persevere with the resolution of the issue through peaceful means, dialogue and consultation."

Korean tensions explode South Korea fires at suspected North Korea drone as Pyongyang gears up for war
See also:

The nuclear beast is ready for action and is initiating mass production of its new missile - What is America thinking?
Tuesday 23rd May, 2017 - A day after conducting its second missile test in a week, North Korea has now said that it is ready for action - the ball is now in America’s court.
According to North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, the intermediate-range ballistic missile that was tested on Sunday is ready for "action." According to the reclusive state's news agency, KCNA, the test that was initially reported by South Korea, was a success. KCNA said in its report, the launch verified the reliability and accuracy of the solid-fuel engine's operation and stage separation and the late-stage guidance of the nuclear warhead which was recorded by a device mounted on the warhead. It further noted that Kim Jong Un supervised the launch of the Pukguksong-2 missile himself and was pleased with the results.

According to the report, “Saying with pride that the missile's rate of hits is very accurate and Pukguksong-2 is a successful strategic weapon, he approved the deployment of this weapon system for action. Viewing the images of the Earth being sent real-time from the camera mounted on the ballistic missile, Supreme leader Kim Jong-un said it feels grand to look at the Earth from the rocket we launched and the entire world looks so beautiful.” Meanwhile, following the report by North Korea, South Korea said that the North appeared to have secured "meaningful data" from the test. Roh Jae-cheon, a spokesman for South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement, “South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities believe North Korea has secured meaningful data in enhancing the credibility of its missile technology.”

Granny says the Donald oughta reach over an' smack Fatboy fer givin' him the evil eye

Jae-cheon further noted that further verification was needed to determine whether the North had mastered the re-entry technology for missile warheads that it has claimed. This was North Korea’s second missile test in a week, with South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff claiming in a statement on Sunday that the missile was fired from an area near North Korea’s Pukchang county, in South Phyongan Province and flew eastward about 500 kilometers (310 miles). The U.S. Pacific Command said in its statement that it tracked the missile before it landed into the sea. Seoul added that the missile appeared to be similar in range and apogee to a midrange solid-fuel missile that North Korea fired in February.

An official said that the missile reached a maximum altitude of 560 kilometers (347 miles). Commenting on the recent test, White House officials that were then in Saudi Arabia, accompanying U.S. President Donald Trump on his first foreign trip said that the system has a shorter range than the missiles launched in North Korea’s most recent tests. Marking its first missile test after Trump took office, North Korea used a launcher truck in February this year, to fire a solid-fuel missile that it calls the Pukguksong (Polaris)-2, a land-based version of a submarine-launched missile. According to South Korean and U.S. officials, that missile travelled about 500 kilometers before crashing into the sea.

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