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News & Current Events Discuss Blame game erupts over Flintís toxic water, Dems target GOP gov at the General Forum; Blame the former liberal mayor who had his hand in most of this? Nope. Blame the corrupt and incompetent EPA? ...

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Old 01-19-2016, 12:50 PM
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Default Blame game erupts over Flintís toxic water, Dems target GOP gov

Blame the former liberal mayor who had his hand in most of this? Nope.

Blame the corrupt and incompetent EPA? Nah.

Blame the Department of Environmental Quality, whom a task force said shoulders the majority of the blame? Not a chance.

Blame the Republican governor? F*ck yeah!

Democrats make zero f*cking sense. I can't break down their logic. It's almost easier to explain why the Kardashians are popular.

Blame game erupts over Flint?s toxic water, Dems target GOP gov | Fox News

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is accusing Democrats of turning the city of Flint's toxic water crisis into a political football – as they line up to lambaste the Republican governor while saying little about the role of a former Democratic mayor or federal agencies in the public health emergency.

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the latest to go after Snyder. During Sunday night's debate, Clinton claimed Snyder didn’t appear to care about the lead that has contaminated Flint’s drinking water.

"We've had a city in the United States of America, where the population, which is poor in many ways, and majority African-American, has been drinking and bathing in lead-contaminated water," Clinton said. "And the governor of that state acted as though he didn't really care. He had requests for help that he basically stonewalled."

Sanders called on Snyder to simply resign.

Snyder, who has faced similar accusations from liberal activists, responded by saying in a tweet that “political statements and finger pointing” are not helping.

There is little question that the state bears significant responsibility for the public health crisis. Snyder apologized in December and Michigan's top environmental regulator, Dan Wyant, resigned after a task force created by Snyder blamed problems on his agency.

The group said the Department of Environmental Quality erred by not requiring Flint to keep corrosive water from leaching lead from service pipes into residents' homes and belittling concerns from the public. The city had switched from Detroit's water system to Flint River water in a cost-cutting move in 2014, while under state financial management.

Residents complained about the water's taste, smell and appearance, and children were found to have elevated levels of lead due to the water supply; lead exposure can cause behavior problems and learning disabilities in children.

The city returned to Detroit water in October.

However, the attacks on Snyder omit any mention of former Democratic Flint Mayor Dayne Walling or the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA’s top Midwest official told The Detroit News the agency knew about the lack of corrosion control in the water supply as early as April, after an EPA official identified problems with the drinking water, but did not make the information public.

The paper also cited email exchanges between EPA officials and Walling showing what it described as a “lack of urgency” over the matter and a greater focus on procedure rather than public safety. Walling and other officials repeatedly told residents the water was safe but blamed state and federal agencies for the problems.

Walling was voted out in November, with the water issue cited as a reason for his loss. Neither Walling nor the EPA’s alleged role in the crisis appeared in any criticisms from either Clinton or Sanders.

The EPA has not responded to a request for comment.

President Obama, meanwhile, designated Flint a federal emergency on Saturday but has refused Snyder’s request to designate it a disaster zone as it is a man-made incident.

Left-wing activist Michael Moore, who has famously advocated for his hometown of Flint in his documentaries, praised Clinton on Twitter for calling out Snyder.

Moore later sent out a tweet calling Snyder a criminal.

Moore isn’t the only liberal activist to blast the situation as criminal. Rev. Jesse Jackson told a crowd Sunday that there should be "tape around the city, because Flint is a crime scene."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Not an accurate representation of a white person.
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Old 01-19-2016, 02:22 PM
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Default Re: Blame game erupts over Flintís toxic water, Dems target GOP gov

Is there ever a Democrat who will accept blame for their misjudgment?
Not recently.

Governor Snyder clearly found the cause of the disaster, and fired the person responsible.
The mayor lost his job over it. Yet somehow, the Democratic machine finds a way to deflect righteous anger to the GOP in general.

In both Russian and Chineze systems, we have seen what happens when bureaucrats with power make lethal mistakes. It is why folks who hold such positions must come clean and have their actions, statements and E-mails, exposed to scrutiny. Yet they hide behind excuses, red tape denials, and lies.

Is Ms. Clinton not one of those?
I am going to hang a Batman Costume in my closet. .......... Just to screw with myself when I get alzheimer's.
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Old 03-28-2017, 02:59 AM
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Cool Re: Blame game erupts over Flintís toxic water, Dems target GOP gov

Solution to Flint water problem...

Michigan to Replace Thousands of Lead-tainted Water Lines in Flint
March 27, 2017 - The U.S. state of Michigan has agreed to replace thousands of home water lines in the city of Flint to settle a lawsuit over a lead-contamination crisis in the city's water supply.
Under the terms of the deal, Michigan will spend $87 million to replace lead and galvanized-steel water lines to at least 18,000 homes. The state will also continue to operate water distribution centers, providing free bottled water, filters and water-testing kits to residents. The settlement will be reviewed by a federal judge in Detroit on Tuesday for final approval. Residents filed the lawsuit last year, arguing that the state had violated the Safe Drinking Water Act. They also accused the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of failing to warn them of the dangers of the toxic water or to take steps to ensure that state and local authorities were addressing the crisis.

Earlier this month, the EPA awarded $100 million for Flint to update its drinking water infrastructure. Flint's water supply was tainted for at least 18 months after the city switched its water supply from the Detroit water system to the Flint River as a cost-cutting measure. The city switched its water supply in 2014 without ensuring that water from the Flint River had been treated with anti-corrosive agents, as required by law. It corroded the city's old water mains, turning drinking water brown due to iron contamination, and leached lead from smaller pipes that carried water into homes.

The Flint, Michigan water tower

In all, nearly 100,000 people were affected by the contaminated water and U.S. federal health officials found that young children in Flint had significantly higher levels of dangerous lead in their blood. Lead in water supplies can cause profound and permanent health problems, particularly in children whose brains and nervous systems are still developing. The city returned to its original water source in October 2015.

In December, researchers said that lead levels in the drinking water supply of Flint continued to drop, but urged residents to still filter their water. The researchers from Virginia Tech said they found no detectable levels of lead in 57 percent of homes during the latest round of tests in the city. Scientist Marc Edwards, who first revealed Flint's high lead levels in 2015, said the current lead levels in Flint are not worse than many other older cities in the country. "But a high bar has been set in terms of a standard before people are told to drink the water without filters," he said.

Michigan to Replace Thousands of Lead-tainted Water Lines in Flint
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Old 03-28-2017, 02:53 PM
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Default Re: Blame game erupts over Flintís toxic water, Dems target GOP gov

Michigan has been a liberal blue state for decades, who the heck do they think they are kidding.
The Democrats are not after the truth, they are after the President.
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blame, dems, erupts, flintís, game, gop, gov, over, target, toxic, water

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