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News & Current Events Discuss Rapture Watch at the General Forum; Originally Posted by foundit66 No. Nowhere near. Global warming has LONG been recognized as real by a MAJORITY of scientists. ...

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Old 05-27-2011, 09:54 PM
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Default Re: Rapture Watch

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
Nowhere near.
Global warming has LONG been recognized as real by a MAJORITY of scientists.
The scientific debate isn't about whether global warming exists, but how much man contributes to it...
As to "global cooling", your article CLEARLY shows that it never had a scientific consensus.
And even in the 1970's, people were recognizing global WARMING as an issue.

Your teacher latched onto something only 10% of the scientific papers on climate change were talking about, while the VAST MAJORITY of scientific papers at that time were "predicting future warming".
Your teacher probably picked it up from the press hype, but that should not be confused with scientific consensus...
Yet you want us all to believe the opposite of global cooling, when the science is telling us it is cooling, unless you go with the other group that says it's warming because huge winters are due to warming not the cold they previously thought we would get, but the solution for both is carbon taxes. Because if we would just pay more both will go away.

Are you seriously this stupid?
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Old 05-27-2011, 10:48 PM
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Default Re: Rapture Watch

Originally Posted by AzMike View Post
1974- Teach a bunch of kids that the next ice age is coming in ten years and all of our farmland will be frozen over and mass starvation is coming.

Wish I could say that was some whacko priest but it was taught in our science class, the whackiest of priests available.
If you were taught in 1974 that an ice age was coming in 10 years, you were ripped off in your education.

I graduated high school in 1974.......... and none of my teachers taught that.

I suppose it just goes to show that some kids are luckier than others...... in getting a good education.

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Old 05-28-2011, 02:58 AM
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Default Re: Rapture Watch

Originally Posted by AzMike View Post
It was a known fact at the time, much like global warming is today,
Well, I don't know about known fact, but many of the same morons who are preaching the end of the world by global warming warming today were warning of a cooling crisis back in the 70s.

There was the NY Times, Time magazine, and Newsweek for media.

Obama's Science czar John Holdren was warning of Cooling rapture.

Big time warming alarmist Professor Stephen Schneider was on the "Cooling's gonna kill us all" bandwagon.

At NASA S.I. Rasool was predicting a coming Ice Age, and he got the current head of NASA/GISS James Hansen (who is not just an warming alarmist now, but an activist) to write the computer model showing it.

The first Earth day promoted ice age fears.

Even the National Academy of Sciences appeared to be in on it.

Newsweek on the cooling world

Global warming skeptic Professor Patrick Michaels appears to agree with you though AzM.

"When I was going to graduate school,
it was gospel that the Ice Age was about to start.
I had trouble warming up to that one too.
This (greenhouse) is not the first climate apocalypse,
but it's certainly the loudest
Stephen Schneider - Greenhouse Supersalesman

Basically though the debate concerning the Cooling scare of the 70s goes like this...

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