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News & Current Events Discuss Pope visit: six man arrested over alleged assassination plot at the General Forum; Ok I read it... And I do see why now.. Yet still think they should have been charged with the ...

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Old 09-20-2010, 08:28 PM
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Default Re: Pope visit: six man arrested over alleged assassination plot

Ok I read it... And I do see why now.. Yet still think they should have been charged with the threat to the POTUS, and with the drugs etc.

Assessment of threat
FBI Special Agent Robert Sawyer initially said there was probable cause to believe the trio were conspiring to kill Obama, based on searches of their hotel rooms and cars.[16] However, United States Attorney Troy Eid said the racist statements the suspects made following their arrests had not risen to the legal standard that would have allowed the filing of federal charges for threatening a presidential candidate, an offense that falls under the same statute as threatening the President of the United States.[7][8] Prosecutors also said they had insufficient evidence that they had the means to carry out a plot to kill Obama.[2] Eid said the searches of the suspects' rooms and computers turned up no evidence of a plot or conspiracy.[17] Eid and his aides said the decision not to press charges of threatening a presidential candidate was at least in part because they did not believe a jury would convict them based on the reliability of Johnson's testimony. Jeffrey Dorschner, Eid's spokesman, said a defense attorney “would tear him apart”.[15] Although Eid would be accused of racism and political posturing for not seeking the charge, Eid said, "The 'political' thing to have done in this case, of course, would have been to charge all three defendants with making a threat against Obama and then quietly drop those charges later — expedient, Machiavellian and self-serving, but also illegal, unethical and immoral."[18]

The Secret Service, ATF, FBI, a U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force and the U.S. Attorney's office investigated the plot.[10] Inconsistencies with the men's stories led investigators to downgrade the threat the men presented to Barack Obama.[14] During a press conference on August 26, federal authorities said Gartrell, Adolf and Johnson had possessed little, if any, chance of actually assassinating Obama. Eid described the alleged plot as "more aspirational, perhaps, than operational",[4] and said, "We're absolutely confident that the meth heads were not a true threat to the candidate, the Democratic National Convention or the people of Colorado."[10][11] Officials did not believe the men had a clear path to hit the stage from outside the convention hall,[4][8] and had little chance of getting to Obama outside the convention, especially since they were incorrect about which hotel Obama would be staying at.[7] One FBI official described the trio as "just a couple of rednecks thinking out loud what they'd like to do".[5] FBI officials said no additional precautions were planned in response to the alleged plot because security had already been high due to the prospect of threats from extremist groups.[8] Secret Service protection for Obama began after the Senator received a death threat in 2007, marking the first time a candidate received such protection before being nominated. Obama and his campaign officials did not comment on the arrests, just as Obama had usually declined discussing death threats against him in the past since entering the presidential race.[
I do remember now after reading it.. It made our local news but in the early stage after the arrests was made.. I just never followed up on it.

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