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mlurp 01-10-2011 08:46 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!

Originally Posted by Mike D. (Post 229930)
President and First Lady leads nation in moment of silence for victims of Saturday's shooting in AZ. Capitol Hill was filled with sympathizers:

VOA | Obama to Hold Moment of Silence for Shooting Victims | News | English

Not exactly good news, but something I think we can all agree is needed and appreciated.

And most have done just that when they heard about it. Having Obama do it this late means little to me.

I had to get in my 2 cents worth B-4 Obama and his Progressives make it worth less than 2 cents.... :D

mlurp 01-15-2011 04:53 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!
I think ths should go here, I hope it does.


Oldest living African-American dies at 113

Sat Jan 15, 7:11 am ET.

SHREVEPORT, La. – When she turned 113, Mississippi Winn could still stand up on her own and never thought her age was a detriment to her life.

The upbeat former domestic worker from Shreveport, known in the city as "Sweetie," died Friday afternoon at Magnolia Manor Nursing Home, said Milton Carroll, an investigator with the Caddo Parish Coroner's Office. He said he could not release her cause of death.

Winn was believed to be the oldest living African-American in the U.S. and the seventh-oldest living person in the world, said Robert Young of the Gerontology Research Group, which verifies information for Guinness World Records.

Young said Winn was one of two known people left in the United States whose parents both were almost certainly born into slavery because documents show they were born before the end of the Civil War, though her great-niece Mary C. Hollins says Winn never acknowledged that.

"I don't know much about that," Hollins recalled Winn saying when asked about her parents' early years.

Young visited Winn in July 2010 and remembered her being much more fit than others her age.

"When I asked her how old she was, she knew she was 113 but she thought she was young," he said. "She always thought there would be a next year. Unfortunately that didn't happen. That was just the thing — she had a very positive attitude."

With Winn's death, Young's Los Angeles-based gerontology group has verified Mamie Rearden, 112, of Edgefield, S.C., as the current oldest known living African-American in the U.S. He said Eunice Sanborn, 114, of Jacksonville, Texas, is the world's oldest known living person.

Hollins said Friday evening that Winn was in good health and mentally sharp until recently.

She described her great-aunt as "a strong-willed person, a disciplinarian" who believed that elders should be respected.

.................................................. Continued......................................... ....
Group: Oldest living African-American dies at 113 - Yahoo! News

More on Obituaries

Woman who trained Obama family dog Bo dies AP
Trish Keenan, one half of band Broadcast, dies AP
Mystery writer Joe Gores dies at 79 in Calif. AP


Born in 1898 she saw a lot of life, and all of the changes sense then..

Talk about be blessed.. These older people have a lot we today should hear about. They are walking History that lived it, saw it and know it.

Yet what they have seen and lived through aren't used in our schools. Plain stupid in my opinion.

mlurp 01-16-2011 01:16 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!
Maybe not for all of you but for us here in the center of America we are proud
of our states stand on slavery, our history and now our statehood.


Topeka Symphony Concert Celebrating Kansas

The Topeka Symphony celebrated Kansas' sesquicentennial ( thats one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary) with a special program tonight at Washburn's White Concert Hall.The program started at 7-30 tonight and it included a medley of civil war tunes, a piece called "Flinthills Contours" and "The Kansas Song Project". The symphony also played a selection from the "Wizard of Oz" and "Home on the Range."
Topeka Symphony Concert Celebrating Kansas - KSNT.com - News, Weather, Sports - Topeka, Kansas

If you like to hear it have your sound on and click the video.

mlurp 01-27-2011 02:24 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!
This might ot might not fit in this thread, To me it is good news.


The United States Fallen Heroes Foundation asks you to "Give a little for those who gave ALL"
igave50cents.com | The United States Fallen Heroes Foundation asks you to "Give a little for those who gave ALL"

I found the news about this at: US Fallen Heroes Foundation - KSNT.com - News, Weather, Sports - Topeka, Kansas


Tonya Evans, of Lawrence, is the newly appointed Executive Director of the United States Fallen Heroes Foundation. The Foundation's mission is to recognize the men and women who have given their lives in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. The largest memorial in the US is planned to be built in Texas, at a cost of $15 million. The memorial will feature 8x10 portraits etched in granite, and replica copies will be given in ceremonies across our country, to families of the fallen. 5 memorial designs the public is invited to vote for, and how donations can be me made, can be found on the Foundation's website - igave50cents.com. You can find that link here on the KSNT website. High Schools throughout the United States are encouraged to help raise funds, and the first ten from each state will have their name engraved on the memorial. Topeka West High School is the first from Kansas to pledge their participation. Tonya hopes the Foundation can break ground on the new memorial, September 11 of this year.

rivrrat 01-27-2011 02:52 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!

Billo_Really 01-27-2011 02:56 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!
Here's some good news...


"mlurp finds Christ and ends blatant hypocrisy one day later!
Film at 11"

...wait, not that one!

I must have been dreaming...

...this is the good news, we can use, today...


When you see photos of Army Specialist Bradley Manning, the fresh, boyish-faced 23-year old private who has spent the last seven months in solitary confinement, first in Kuwait and later at the Marine base at Quantico, VA, enduring the tender mercies of military guards, you don't get the sense that this is someone who could withstand a lot of pressure and physical and mental abuse.

But it turns out he's one tough hombre. Manning, according to his attorney, to a friend who has been allowed to visit him, and to activists who have been demonstrating outside Quantico for his release from this private hell, has been subjected to sleep deprivation, has been barred from exercising in the slightest, and recently was improperly placed by the Quantico base commander on suicide watch--meaning his clothing was removed, and also his reading glasses--as punishment for "disobeying" orders of the guards.

(After news of this order, and publicity about it, the commander rescinded it, and was citicized by the Pentagon for allegedly overstepping his authority, an indication that public pressure in this case can help.)

The aim of all this abuse, which is now being investigated by a UN human rights investigator, has been blatantly to crush his spirit, in hopes of getting him to agree to implicate Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks organization, in inducing him to leak the hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, and the visual tapes, of Iraq and Afghan war reports, helicopter murder, and US State Department cables, all of which have been undermining the US war effort and the US diplomatic agenda.

They are failing, because apparently Manning, who reportedly had been troubled by evidence of US war crimes in Iraq that he knew about and had been unable to interest superiors in acting on, is not caving in to the pressure. He is not playing the US government's and military's sick game.

Nice to see the kid is holding up during the Stalinization of America.

rivrrat 01-27-2011 02:57 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!
Technolog - Donate $1 to new charity every day via website

A site called Philanthroper takes a new approach to online giving. It lists a new charity every day, and ensures that 99 percent of the money you donate gets to that charity, rather than getting skimmed by processing fees and commissions. But there's a catch: You can only give $1 per day.

It's a cool idea if you think about it, this $1-per-day donation. Whenever I go to my Safeway grocery, I'm asked to add a dollar to fight breast cancer or leukemia, and you bet I say yes. It's just a dollar. Philanthroper operates on the same principle: Limit yourself to giving "only" a dollar, and you'll ultimately give more overall — without feeling the sting. Besides, since there's a new charity featured on the site every day (except Sunday), you can learn about many worthy causes as you participate.

The founders of Philanthroper, likening the service to a Nike Plus for giving, also provide a stats page for you to track your giving. You can see what categories have benefitted from your dollars, what causes you've championed and, yes, what opportunities for micro-philanthropy you might have missed. (Disclosure: One of the site's creators is a former colleague of mine, Mark Wilson, and yes, I did give $1 today, to Computer Aid International, which will put it towards buying PCs for Kenyan schools.)

The George Washingtons are handed over via a pay-processing service called mPayy, which only takes a penny each time, a rate that's unprecedentedly low, according to the charity site. Philanthroper itself won't take any money from donations. They are self-funded at the start, with the intention of eventually covering their own costs (and making money) from ad revenue. It's the "less profitable but far more honest solution," according to the site's FAQ.

And don't worry about losing track come tax time. Every donation is tax deductible, and every charity's credentials are linked from the site for easy verification.

The site launched today, and hopes to gather steam in the coming weeks, applying the usual Facebook and Twitter buttons for maximum peer pressurizing. After all, if you can't give more than a dollar to a charity you really want to help, you'll have to enlist your friends. OK, so you got all your friends on board and you still want to give more than a dollar? Philanthroper provides all of the information for you to make a hefty fat-cat donation directly to the charity. You just can't use it to juke your personal stats.

mlurp 01-27-2011 10:31 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!

Originally Posted by Billo_Really (Post 240720)
Here's some good news... Man are you one sorry ______ idiot. As usual you have nothing to offer, turn in the hat and rain coat, as you bring shame on a cool dude. :sad

...wait, not that one!

I must have been dreaming...No the drugs are catching up dipstick. :D

...this is the good news, we can use, today... :nahnah, :nahnah, :nahnah

Nice to see the kid is holding up during the Stalinization of America.

Sure is, your dear leader and his progressive friends are doing it and glad you realize it so soon dipstick.

headlines: Billo will confess at 10 PM... Live on the Beach News and Wacky Dipstick Radio hosted by Liberals of course...

rivrrat 01-28-2011 02:35 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!
Something *I* consider good news and makes me smile:

First descent of the Bruresløret waterfall

mlurp 03-04-2011 04:48 PM

Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!
This woman and baby were very lucky to have these two Hero's come into her and the baby life.


Cable guy, boy rescue NY baby in pit bull attack

Fri Mar 4, 8:56 am ET

SAUGERTIES, N.Y. – A 9-year-old boy and a Time Warner cable employee have been honored for their quick actions after a pit bull attacked a 3-month-old baby inside an upstate New York home last month.

The Saugerties (SAW'-ger-teez) Town Board on Wednesday presented awards to Skyler Sprague and 33-year-old Dave Dargan for their bravery during the attack at the home of the woman babysitting Jordan Bonelli.

A pit bull belonging to the babysitter's son attacked the babysitter as she held the infant just as Dargan arrived for a routine call. Dargan jumped on the dog and held it down while Skyler called 911.

Police soon arrived and fatally shot the dog.

Jordan was hospitalized for serious bite wounds, but his mother told the Daily Freeman of Kingston that her son is expected to make a full recovery.

___I love animals, had to many cats to count and about 9 dogs in my life.
But each was friendly and easy to get along with. I have been atttacked by Pit Bulls who got out or wern't under control, lucky me I found ways to stop them.
But would never own one or go to anyones house with them. Same for Dobberman's. I know other feel different and allow for their choices. But think they are taking a risk.

Information from: Daily Freeman, The Daily Freeman: Serving the Hudson Valley since 1871 (DailyFreeman.com)

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