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saltwn 02-09-2021 07:46 AM

Lou Dobbs is lashing out at Fox on Twitter for dropping his show
Lou Dobbs is lashing out at Fox on Twitter for dropping his show

btw, at one time Lou was thinking about running for President. I just discovered that yesterday. Go figure.


Lou Dobbs is not taking his cancellation by Fox lying down.

On Friday night, Fox News Media management canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” the most-watched show on Fox Business Network. No reason was given, though the network repeated a statement from October that it “regularly considers programming changes” and had been planning to “launch new formats as appropriate post-election.”

But Dobbs, 75, who is one of the network’s most outspoken allies of former president Donald Trump, has been on something of a tear ever since, retweeting dozens of tweets supporting him, including many that criticize Fox. He even boosted a tweet from a supporter suggesting that Fox News viewers “ditch Fox for @OANN,” the far-right network and would-be competitor to Fox News.

“FOX in a tailspin," radio host Mark Simone said in one of the tweets that was reposted by Dobbs. In another tweet that was shared by Dobbs, conservative Carmine Sabia wrote: “Fox News is desperate to be accepted by people who will not accept them. Cancelling @LouDobbs is not going to satisfy the blood lust of the rage mob.”

“Judging by his retweets, I would say he is furious with Fox, and he has every right to be,” Sabia told The Washington Post in a message.

It’s all the more surprising considering that Dobbs remains under contract with Fox even as his show has been dropped. The Los Angeles Times, which broke the story, reported that “he will in all likelihood not appear on the company’s networks again.”

Asked specifically on Monday whether Dobbs remains under contract, Fox News communications boss Irena Briganti told The Post in an email, “He has not been terminated.”

Dobbs’s cancellation has left many Fox staffers mystified, considering his show’s viewership, leaving many to speculate that it could be connected to Dobbs’s potential liability in a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit filed last week. The lawsuit accuses him and several Fox colleagues of spreading “disinformation” about election-technology company Smartmatic as part of an effort to keep then-President Trump’s hopes for a second term alive.

In addition to comments made directly by Dobbs, the lawsuit focuses on comments made by Dobbs’s guests, including Trump-affiliated lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. “Mr. Dobbs did not try to stop Ms. Powell from spreading disinformation about Smartmatic,” the suit alleges. "He and others at Fox News had agreed to join Ms. Powell and Mr. Giuliani to spread the disinformation. So, Mr. Dobbs closed his shows as he started it: endorsing Ms. Powell’s claim that Smartmatic is to blame for ‘massive corruption across the country.’ ”

But the suit also names Fox hosts Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro, both of whom are still with Fox and hosted their shows this past weekend as scheduled.

Beyond his activity on Twitter, Dobbs is more or less staying quiet, declining to comment when reached by The Post Friday night.
Political consultant Dick Morris, a former Fox News contributor who was dropped by the network eight years ago, said he spoke with Dobbs on Saturday. While the conversation was off-the-record, Morris said that Dobbs laughed after he told him, “Welcome to the Fox alumni association.”
Newsmax, a smaller, further-to-the-right cable channel that has been trying to win over Trump supporters frustrated by what they see as Fox’s insufficient support of the ex-president, took jabs at Fox about Dobbs’s cancellation.

“Fox News is just not the old Fox News that it once was,” Newsmax host Rob Finnerty said on air Monday. “Get this: The highest-rated host on Fox Business suddenly had his show cancelled on Friday after 10 years. . . . The problem? Well, Lou Dobbs is a Trump supporter."

And some of Dobbs’s fans on Facebook vowed to leave Fox over the decision.
“Fox was on the bubble for me. They are off my list now,” one supporter wrote on Facebook. “Time to turn off the channel,” wrote another.

~Jeremy Barr

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