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Law & Order Discuss Violent incident tests whether Tucson Police Department can police itself at the Political Forums; Violent incident tests whether Tucson Police Department can police itself https://tucson.com/news/local/tim-st...474709576.html When a man threw her daughter down in a ...

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Old 11-29-2021, 09:27 PM
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Default Violent incident tests whether Tucson Police Department can police itself

Violent incident tests whether Tucson Police Department can police itself

When a man threw her daughter down in a Tucson parking lot, Michelle Aloisi couldn’t help but act.
It was Nov. 14, a nice Sunday at noon outside the Culinary Dropout restaurant. Aloisi, who is 62 and a registered nurse, had finished enjoying a brunch with her two adult daughters. Shocked by the sudden turn of events, she dove in to help.
“I knew my strength wouldn’t match his, but I thought maybe if I pull his shirt where it gets tight around his neck, maybe he would have to let go of her. But that didn’t work out that way. I’m telling him to leave her alone. Next thing I know he’s got me by the hair.”
The man pulled Aloisi down, too, Aloisi and her daughters said in an interview Tuesday. A video of part of the incident shows the man pinning the two of them to the parking lot together. Aloisi yelled to her other daughter, Nicole Whitted: “Call 911, call the cops!”
The man responded: “I am the f—ing cops!”
Tucson Police, Szelewski, Aloisi, video
Robert Szelewski holds down Michelle Aloisi, 62, and daughter Brittany Aloisi-Wiles, 39. The off-duty officer disputes chest-bumping the younger woman.
Nicole Whitted
Even then they didn’t believe him. But it was true: He is a Tucson police officer. They found that out during five hours of subsequent interviews and investigation outside the restaurant, 2543 E. Grant Road.
The upshot of that investigation shook the trio’s faith in law enforcement and could end up costing the city a significant settlement if they sue. The incident and its aftermath are also proving to be a test of the Tucson Police Department’s ability to police itself.

Kneeling on neck
Aloisi’s two daughters live in Yuma but came to Tucson to celebrate their mother’s birthday that weekend. Nicole Whitted, 40, owns a landscape materials business in Yuma, and Brittany Aloisi-Wiles, 39, is a registered nurse in critical care there.
They’re not people you would normally hear complaining about police.
“I brought my children up to respect law enforcement, go to law enforcement because they are your ultimate protection,” Aloisi said. “Our experience has said that’s not really true.”
The story of what happened Nov. 14 I heard largely from Aloisi, Whitted and Aloisi-Wiles in a Zoom interview Tuesday. They also have a recording of a police interview of Nicole Whitted, which I’ve listened to.
Whitted also took a disturbing five-minute video of the latter part of the incident, which shows the officer involved, Robert Szelewski, kneeling on the neck of her sister Brittany Aloisi-Wiles. After 2020 in Minneapolis, it’s not the sort of scene any of us wanted to see again.

Tucson police have not yet provided the reports on the incident, and Szelewski would not do an interview now, his attorney said, because the department is still conducting an internal investigation. But Szelewski has his own version of events that differs in a couple of important ways.
Still, Aloisi and her daughters offer a compelling and consistent account of what led to two of them being pinned to the ground by an off-duty officer as one of them said she couldn’t breathe.
‘What are you going to do?’
Aloisi and her daughters were walking across the parking lot after brunch, they said, when a vehicle approached them fast before the driver abruptly stopped.
The driver, a man, waved his arms at them and appeared to be yelling, they said, though his windows were closed. The women waved their arms and yelled back at him. Aloisi has a leg problem that prevents her from walking fast after sitting for a length of time, she said.

As they continued to their cars, they said, the driver pulled quickly into a parking space and jumped out of his silver SUV, walking toward the rear of the vehicle. Though four members of his family were also in the SUV, none got out.

“He zoomed into that back parking spot, jumped out of his car, threw his hands up in the air and screamed ‘Just f—ing walk’ at us,” Nicole Whitted said.
The two daughters were walking toward his car and responded heatedly in kind, they said, saying that their mother can’t walk fast.
Whitted recalled, “He starts to advance toward me. My sister (Brittany) saw it. She kind of cut it off in between. He’s advancing toward the end of his car. He’s screaming at us and she’s going ‘What are you going to do?’ or something along those lines. Then he starts to go ‘What are you going to do, what are you going to do?’ then chest-bumps Brittany.” This is a key point that Szelewski disputes.
“Then he took her down. He grabs her by the back of the neck. Took her down violently to the ground.”
Here’s how Aloisi-Wiles explained it: “He was saying, ‘What are you going to do,’ inches from my face. I was so surprised by such an aggressive reaction. He was escalating, he was getting so mad.
“When he bumped into me, it was a split second before he had me by the back of the neck and subsequently on my neck on the ground.”
Then Aloisi tried to intervene and he pulled her down, too.
“At this point he’s holding my mom down with one arm,” Nicole Whitted said. “He has Brittany down with his forearm across her throat. He’s holding her down that way. My mom is screaming ‘Call 911, call the cops.’
‘I was yelling I couldn’t breathe’
It had been a minute or two at this point, and Whitted picked up her mother’s phone, which was spilling out of her purse, to start taking video....

Tucson Police, Szelewski, Aloisi, video
An image taken from a video of off-duty Tucson police Officer Robert Szelewski with his knee on Brittany Aloisi-Wiles, 39, in the parking lot of Culinary Dropout restaurant on Nov. 14.
Nicole Whitted
Robert Szelewski holds down Michelle Aloisi, 62, and daughter Brittany Aloisi-Wiles, 39. The off-duty officer disputes chest-bumping the younger woman.
wellll I'm sure the women did something wrong. we don't have the FULL video so we should all assume the worse of the 2 women and the best of the cop.
I suspect that If they had just listen to the "off duty" officer nothing would have happened.
As far as saying "I can't Breathe goes" , Sure, All perps say that, so she was lying. Plus, how could she say that if she couldn't breathe... LIAR!
And knees on the neck don't kill people unless they are drug users. and it's ok if they die.
And it doesn't matter that they were women, and one an Older woman, the officer was IN DANGER. He HAD TO protect himself. He could have been killed at any moment. probably felt death on his shoulder. Who knows what they had in their purses. or what kind of martial arts training they had.
Finally the cop said they were walking to SLOW. I mean, sheesh, what was wrong with them? If a cops says MOVE you move.
That's what i would do. Good law abiding citizen that i am. Even if he was in plain clothes, even though he didn't ID himself, even though walking slow is not a crime. the Cop obviously knew something neither I, nor the women knew.
So they should have just OBEYED blindly the barks of an angry stranger.

So I'm sure the cop had good reason and the women are all wrong.
Just wait for the police report. it will tell the real truth and the cop will be justified as it should be, to reaffirm my view of cops as holier than thou, protectors and heroes of the realm.
"It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.
The freeman of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents."

..James Madison
"Live as free people, yet without employing your freedom as a pretext for wickedness; but live at all times as servants of God."
..1 Peter 2:16
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Old 11-29-2021, 11:52 PM
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Default Re: Violent incident tests whether Tucson Police Department can police itself

"When policemen break the law, then there isn't any law--just a fight for survival." --BILLY JACK

I would not want to be Bobby, after that puppet show the idiot put on.

Last edited by Manitou; 11-29-2021 at 11:57 PM..
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