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FrancSevin 11-04-2021 10:33 AM

Re: Kyle Rittenhouse's trial opens with his lawyer saying the N-word twice in court
I'll just post it as it is.

From the Chicago Tribune...;
KENOSHA — The judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial went on a prolonged rant against media criticism of the case Wednesday, saying he has followed the law and any assertions otherwise could be detrimental to the community.​
Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder began his unusual soliloquy by referencing a recent media report that called the case “the most divisive trial in the country.” Schroeder, the longest-serving circuit judge in Wisconsin, has frequently criticized the media during the case, but he rarely acknowledges the trial’s larger significance.​

“Anything that undermines public confidence in what happens here is very important,” Schroeder said. “It’s important for this town. It’s important for this country to have people have confidence in the result of this trial. Whatever it is — and I don’t care what it is — but people have to be confident.”​

Schroeder made the comments outside the jury’s presence after the defense and prosecutors clashed over video of the August 2020 unrest being played for the jury. As the two sides sparred, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger referenced Schroeder’s pretrial ruling allowing Rittenhouse’s team to present evidence suggesting the men Rittenhouse shot participated in looting, rioting or arson that night.​

The mention seemed to upset Schroeder, who began talking about media coverage of that decision. The judge made national headlines regarding that ruling and another that barred the men Rittenhouse shot from being called “victims.” The judge received dozens of angry emails about the decisions, according to court records.​

“There are people in the media, on reputable sites, that are saying things that are totally bizarre,” Schroeder said.​
Several Wisconsin legal experts told the Tribune that the judge’s rulings before the trial had all been legally sound, though they may appear jarring to people unfamiliar with criminal proceedings and state law. One even said he admired the judge’s courage to uphold the defendant’s right to a fair trial knowing it could cause public backlash.​

The judge specifically referenced a CNN report in which two legal analysts questioned the ruling, including one who described it as “incomprehensible.” According to CNN. Com, legal analyst Areva Martin made the comment. Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin — who Schroeder specifically singled out — called it a “really unnecessary and unfortunate beginning to this really important case.”​

“That’s our rule,” Schroeder said. “It’s the law.”​

The judge also criticized media accounts that referenced that he had been reversed in a murder trial that resulted in a life sentence. Schroeder said he was reversed in the 2008 case, followed the appellate court’s instruction on the retrial and then was vindicated when he was reversed again.​

“I was right,” he said.​

Binger tried to steer the conversation back to the issue being debated, telling the judge he doesn’t pay attention to Toobin or any other media commentary on the case.​

“It is of no concern to me,” Binger said.​

The judge then took a break and stepped off the bench. There was no mention of the media when he returned.​

AZRWinger 11-06-2021 11:52 AM

Re: Kyle Rittenhouse's trial opens with his lawyer saying the N-word twice in court
There is an old maxim that states a lawyer should never put a witness on the stand without knowing what he is going to say. Too bad the prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse case ignored this principle in calling a reporter who was a witness to the shooting. Under prosecutor questioning the witness stated the assailant wanted to take Rittenhouse's rifle from him. Realizing the danger the prosecutor immediately began impeaching his own witness by questioning implying that no one can know the motivation of another. The witness resisted the prosecutor's flight of fancy stating directly the assailant "said F*$k you then reached for the gun". :eek

Lumara 11-07-2021 07:40 AM

Re: Kyle Rittenhouse's trial opens with his lawyer saying the N-word twice in court

Originally Posted by saltwn (Post 1011444)
poor widdle MaggotHat bigot. :bigcry

That is disgusting, Salty and shows an inability for intelligent debate.

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