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International Forum Discuss This is a heavy title, because it's about death. at the Political Forums; Although lots of Chinese women have died due to all kinds of reasons since last year, there're 2 women, who ...

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Old 11-24-2021, 12:18 AM
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Default This is a heavy title, because it's about death.

Although lots of Chinese women have died due to all kinds of reasons since last year, there're 2 women, who were related to 2 unrelated accidents, leaving me something to say.

I understand that to discuss, even blame one after she died is not a good quality, so many cyber citizens have made comments on them and what I have done here is nothing more than collecting theirs, though. OK, let me start.

One woman, in her twenties, lived alone in Changsha City of Hunan Province and made an appointment of moving service at 9 p.m. with a male driver of a moving company through whose APP one day of last September. In order to save money, I guess, she refused as the driver came up with an idea that he would help to move her baggages, which were more than a dozen, to the minivan and she provided him an additional fee. It's reasonable because moving the baggages into the minivan is out of the driver's services. What did those cyber citiznes think of the girl? Too smart.

The APP has set a general time schedule, which is not plenty, to the driver who recerives your order hardly when you sign a deal with it in order to govern its drivers strictly. For example, his waiting time the app distributes to him after the driver arriving at the appointed place and informing the customer is 20 minutes. The girl finishing her moving-baggages-into-the-minivan in 19 minutes didn't belong to occupy the driver's time exactly. But the driver experienced a little anxiety, I guess, since what he would earn from the girl's deal was not many enough to cut down his anxiety after the app platform deducted a sum of money on the basis of a certain ratio and felt pressed for time, therefore after starting his van, he appeared sullen and wordless. But smiling accompaning its customers is also out of the rules and regulations of the moving company. After the accident happened, the detectives being responsible for the investigation found that the driver had even received a new another order when he nearly sent the girl with her baggages to the destination, of course, which would be mentioned afterwards.

During the driver steered them on the road to the destination, the girl sitting on the assisstant driver seat had been communicating with her friends though WeChat App. And then when she raised her head from her smartphone eventually, she's stunned to realize that they're on a road without a lit street lamp. She started blaming the driver why he didn't steer according to the direction of the navigation app and in fact they're hardly more than a block away from her destination. The driver ignored her and silenced to continue his steering. For this, the cyber citizens explained that firstly the driver's only assignment was to send the baggages safely without the customer to the appointed place, and the customer was supposed to go to the destination by other transportation; secondly, no rules asked the driver to answer the questions of the customer; and thirdly the moving company didn't ask its drivers to go according to the direction of a certain navigation app. And in a few seconds an unusual scene came up: the girl skipped out of the moving in a high speed minivan for fear of that the driver would rape/harm her. She died of craniocerebral trauma. And the court sentenced the driver a suspended imprisonment for 1 year because of homicide through negligence.

After the judgement had been exposed on the kinds of Internet forums, cyber people continued to dig into the background of the girl and found that she worked for her uncle who ran a company that looked for girls to chat with men through a chatting app and the earnings of the company was the reward the above-mentioned men gave, so worrying about the men she chatted with discovered her, she always moved her house and always at night.

It seems that the driver was partly responsible for the girl's death, but the 2nd woman who jumped out of the car that is running on the expressway was a real reckless daredevil.

It happened in Northeast China in this October. The girl started quarrelling with her boyfriend, who's steering the car, when they were traveling on an expressway. She demanded the boy to pull up at once and she wanted to leave off from him. The boy didn't obey her because they can't stop without any emergencies on an expressway. The girl opened the door immediately and jumped out of the car and her head was crushed by the rear wheel. The relatives of the girl also testified that firstly they fell in love for a few years and secondly the girl was always in an ill-tempered state, not because of the boy. And the boy was also sentenced because of homicide through negligence.

What can I say about the accident of which the cyber people have discussed its every aspect?

When they're driving on an expressway,

1) they can't pull up at will.

2) the boy can't pull up and then let the girl get off the car.

3) the boy can't occupy the emergency lane in order to obey the girl.

Some cyber people even advised the insurance companies to start a new specialized type of insurance for Chinese girls (what a shame!) called The Type of Insurance for Preventing Girls from Jumping out of a Moving Automobiles.

And others argued that the girl, despite she died, should be sentenced for her asking for a pull up on an expressway at will because her behaviour would cause a bigger traffic accident in which more people would die from her stupid.

Due to the first judicial precedent, which I think opened a bad first, the Chinese women who're sitting in the same car with you, could be your nightmare if you're steering the automobile.

The 2nd accident's link: https://www.zhihu.com/question/50055...85767054356480

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Old 11-24-2021, 02:43 AM
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Default Re: This is a heavy title, because it's about death.

I would have jumped from the car of the first driver too. The second is unfortunate.
The insurance company idea is funny.

The second driver should not be charged for a suicidal or silly woman dying.
The leading cause of death among U.S. police officers in 2021 was covid-19

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Old 11-25-2021, 12:08 PM
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Default Re: This is a heavy title, because it's about death.

I would say, give the second woman a Darwin award.
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