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International Forum Discuss Russian Hybrid War In Ukraine: Debunking Putinís Crimea Claims at the Political Forums; Today marks the beginning of year 3 of Russian occupation. Russian Hybrid War In Ukraine: Debunking Putinís Crimea Claims The ...

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Old 03-16-2017, 08:43 AM
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Default Russian Hybrid War In Ukraine: Debunking Putinís Crimea Claims

Today marks the beginning of year 3 of Russian occupation.

Russian Hybrid War In Ukraine: Debunking Putinís Crimea Claims

The 2014 Russian takeover of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula was one of those rare moments in world history when the entire international community was taken completely by surprise. With the benefit of hindsight, most analysts now regard the Kremlinís Crimean gambit as the biggest geopolitical watershed since the fall of the Berlin Wall Ė a game-changing event which marked the end of the post-WWII European security system and the dawn of a dangerous new age promising the return of 'might is right' imperial politics. However, when the Russian invasion first unfolded in February and March 2014, international politicians and journalists alike seemed unsure of exactly how to respond. This confusion was the direct and intended result of the Kremlinís hybrid war tactics, which brilliantly achieved their goal of muddying the waters and casting a shadow of ambiguity over the entire Russian operation.

Information attacks played a key role in Moscowís hybrid Crimean offensive, creating a virtual reality environment where the Kremlinís positions appeared both rational and justified. Fake news reports helped whip up the hysteria among Russian-speaking audiences, while blanket Kremlin denials gave correspondents and the diplomats pause for thought. These disinformation tactics benefitted from the widespread belief among international audiences that the truth always lies somewhere in-between the opposing sides of any story. It enjoyed an additional boost thanks to post-Iraq skepticism towards the mainstream Western media. The result was a stunningly successful information offensive that highlighted the potential security threat posed by the Kremlin media machine.

Even today, two years after the Russian takeover, many of the myths underpinning the Kremlinís Crimean invasion continue to enjoy considerable levels of international acceptance. This represents a major ongoing security threat. Understanding the nature of the Russian information offensive in Crimea is crucial if the international community is to defend itself against similar future attacks. The Kremlin has already redeployed the disinformation tactics honed against Ukraine in both Syria and Germany. Further attacks are surely only a matter of time. As the world reflects on the second anniversary of this landmark Russian operation, Business Ukraine magazine examines five of the key narratives used by the Kremlin to justify the audacious and unprecedented annexation of Crimea.

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Old 11-26-2017, 12:12 AM
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Angry Re: Russian Hybrid War In Ukraine: Debunking Putinís Crimea Claims

Russia Has Deployed Thousands of Tanks, Troops to Ukraine...

Russia Has Deployed Thousands of Tanks, Troops to Ukraine, Top Official Says
Nov. 24, 2017 - Moscow sends a Ďcontinuous flow of munitionsí into the conflict zone as part of a broader scheme to degrade Ukraineís army.
The Russian government has deployed thousands of armored vehicles and troops into Ukraine to support separatist rebels in the war-torn country's eastern region, Ukraine's top defense official says, despite repeated assertions from Moscow of minimal military involvement there. "It's a real army. They have continuous inflow of munitions," Pavlo Klimkin, the Ukrainian defense minister, told a small group of reporters on the sidelines of an international security conference here last weekend.

Klimkin says 2,000 Russian armed vehicles and "a couple thousand" Russian soldiers are operating in the contested Donetsk and Luhansk provinces of eastern Ukraine, known collectively as the Donbas. A simmering proxy war has taken place there since 2014, when Russian-backed separatists began fighting to break the rural provinces away from Kiev. In addition, Russia has deployed artillery, mortars, light weapons and missile systems, like the Sa-11 that reportedly shot down a Malaysian airliner in 2015. "In the sense of planning, in the sense of steering, in the sense of operating specific warfare, it's all about the Russians," Klimkin said.

Moscow has repeatedly denied any large-scale deployment of troops into Ukraine. A separatist leader in 2014 dismissed reports of Russian soldiers operating there in 2014 as simply off-duty troops on vacation. Russian President Vladimir Putin has occasionally admitted to the presence of military intelligence operatives in Ukraine and said in October that Russia has been "forced to defend" Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine. The Trump administration is reportedly considering a new arms package for Ukraine, a break from the Obama administration's policy of refusing to provide lethal defensive weapons. Klimkin says he "definitely" believes a new U.S. arms deal is coming but repeatedly declined to discuss any details.

Klimkin did say his military requires tools to conduct electronic warfare, as well as logistics and intelligence like satellite imagery. He praised the ongoing training program conducted by the U.S., Canada and other Western allies in the western Ukrainian town of Lviv. Both Ukraine and the Russian-backed separatists routinely violate the terms of a peace deal known as the Minsk agreement that prohibits heavy weaponry or military activity along a cease-fire line in the Donbas. Analysts fear the peace process has devolved into a simmering conflict that Moscow has employed in an attempt to degrade the Ukrainian military.

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