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International Forum Discuss Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid at the Political Forums; Back to something important. History. Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid of a pharaoh By KATARINA KRATOVAC, Associated Press Writer Thu Jun ...

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Old 06-06-2008, 01:44 PM
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Default Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid

Back to something important. History.

Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid of a pharaoh By KATARINA KRATOVAC, Associated Press Writer
Thu Jun 5, 11:17 PM ET

Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid of a pharaoh - Yahoo! News

SAQQARA, Egypt - Egyptian archaeologists unveiled on Thursday a 4,000-year-old "missing pyramid" that is believed to have been discovered by an archaeologist almost 200 years ago and never seen again.

Zahi Hawass, Egypt's antiquities chief, said the pyramid appears to have been built by King Menkauhor, an obscure pharaoh who ruled for only eight years.

In 1842, German archaeologist Karl Richard Lepsius mentioned it among his finds at Saqqara, referring to it as number 29 and calling it the "Headless Pyramid" because only its base remains. But the desert sands covered the discovery, and no archaeologist since has been able to find Menkauhor's resting place.

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Old 06-06-2008, 07:42 PM
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Default Re: Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid

How do you misplace a pyramid?
The same way you "mistakenly" send nuclear components to Taiwan.
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Old 04-06-2017, 04:36 PM
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Lightbulb Re: Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid

Hidden pyramid found in Egypt...

New Remains of Millennia-Old Pyramid Discovered in Egypt
April 4, 2017 - A top antiquities official says an Egyptian excavation team has discovered the remains of a new pyramid that dates back to the 13th Dynasty, some 3700 years ago.
The head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector, Mahmoud Afifi, said in a statement Monday that the remains were located north of King Sneferu's bent pyramid in the Dahshur royal necropolis south of Cairo. Due to the bent slope of its sides, the pyramid is believed to have been ancient Egypt's first attempt to build a smooth-sided pyramid. The necropolis was the burial site for courtiers and high-ranking officials.

Adel Okasha, the head of Dahshur necropolis, said that the remains belong to the inner structure of the pyramid, including a corridor. Other remains included blocks showing the interior design of the pyramid.

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Old 11-03-2017, 01:40 PM
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Question Re: Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid

Hidden chamber in Giza pyramid found...

Scientists discover hidden chamber in Great Pyramid
Sat, Nov 04, 2017 - Scientists said they have found a hidden chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, in what would be the first such discovery in the structure since the 19th century and one likely to spark a new surge of interest in the pharaohs.
In an article published in the journal Nature on Thursday, an international team said the 30m void deep within the pyramid is situated above the structure’s Grand Gallery, and has a similar cross section. The purpose of the space is unclear, and it was not yet known whether it was built with a function in mind or if it was merely a gap in the pyramid’s architecture. Some experts have said such empty spaces have been known for years. “This is a premier,” said Mehdi Tayoubi, cofounder of the ScanPyramids project and president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute. “It could be composed of one or several structures... Maybe it could be another Grand Gallery. It could be a chamber, it could be a lot of things.”

The scientists made the discovery using cosmic ray imaging, recording the behavior of subatomic particles called muons that penetrate the rock similar to X-rays, only much deeper. Their paper was peer-reviewed before appearing in Nature, an international, interdisciplinary journal of science, and its results confirmed by other teams of scientists. Chances of the space containing treasure or burial chambers are almost nil, University of Bristol Egyptologist Aidan Dodson said, but added that the discovery helps shed light on building techniques. “The pyramid’s burial chamber and sarcophagus have already been discovered, so this new area was more likely kept empty above the Grand Gallery to reduce the weight of stone pressing down on its ceiling,” he said, adding that similar designs have been found in other pyramids.

Former Egyptian minister of antiquities and famed archeologist Zahi Hawass, who has been testing scanning methods and heads the government’s oversight panel for the new techniques, said that the area in question has been known of for years and thus does not constitute a discovery. He has long downplayed the usefulness of scans of ancient sites. “The Great Pyramid is full of voids. We have to be careful how results are presented to the public,” he said, adding that one problem facing the international team is that it did not have an Egyptologist as a member. He said the chamber was likely empty space builders used to construct the rooms below. “In order to construct the Grand Gallery, you had to have a hollow, or a big void in order to access it — you cannot build it without such a space,” he said. “Large voids exist between the stones and may have been left as construction gaps.”

The pyramid is also known as Khufu’s Pyramid for its builder, a fourth-dynasty pharaoh who reigned from 2509 to 2483 BC. Visitors to the pyramid, on the outskirts of Cairo, can walk, hunched over, up a long tunnel to reach the Grand Gallery. The space announced by the scanning team does not appear to be connected to any known internal passages. Scientists involved in the scanning called the find a “breakthrough” that highlighted the usefulness of modern particle physics in archeology. The Great Pyramid, the last surviving wonder of the ancient world, has captivated visitors since it was built as a royal burial chamber about 4,500 years ago. Experts are still divided over how it and other pyramids were constructed, so even relatively minor discoveries generate great interest.

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