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International Forum Discuss Absolutely Uncertain at the Political Forums; Originally Posted by faithful_servant You fail to understand that there's a vast difference between specifically targetting children and children being ...

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Old 10-04-2012, 01:35 PM
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Default Re: Absolutely Uncertain

Originally Posted by faithful_servant View Post
You fail to understand that there's a vast difference between specifically targetting children and children being killed as a result of being placed into a combat zone for the express purpose of using them as a political tool. When you have a carload of little girls being machine gunned to death at close range, there's a problem with that. You're becoming a Pal. apologist who thinks that (in spite of repeated declarations to the contrary) I think that Israel never does anything wrong. The fact is that Israel has done soem things they shouldn't have, but it's comparing mugging a guy on the street to robbing a bank by starting with shooting all the patrons.
I have a problem with the underlying assumption you have that Palestinians seem to "commonly" (to use your phrase) put their children in harms way:

You can scrounge up a few pics of children that were most likely harmed when they put in harms ways by their parents (a VERY common practice amongs Pals.), but when you balance that against the INTENTIONAL targetting and brutal killing of children, there is NO comparison.

I think this speaks to your own underlying presumption that the Palestinians are less than human as a group - an attitude that is reflected in many of your posts. If it's so "common" how about some data (not the usual propaganda) showing this?

Within any culture, most parents love their children, with individual examples of horrific neglect or abuse. The Palestinians are no different than the Israeli's in this regard. Most are not going to put their children in harms way if they have a choice they can act on.

As to specifically targeting children, that too is open to debate. There is no doubt that Palestinian terrorists have and desire to target civilians including children for their acts and that is reprehensible. In that way they are no different than terrorists world wide and their acts should be condemned and they only hurt any attempt at legitimacy. That is not representative by any means the entire population yet over and over - Israeli-apologists (to use your sort of terminology) - group them together and punish the population collectively as some sort of subhuman savage civilization. And based on what? Supposedly "common" practices?

When Israeli's conduct those same sorts of activities - it is excused as being part of "war" rather than being condemned. Supposedly civilians aren't targetted. That too is debatable.
Breaking the Silence Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories

Then there is the often repeated claim that Palestinians dance in joy when Israeli's are killed. I have no doubt some do...just as some Israeli's celebrate Palestinian deaths in a more sophisticated technological way:
Israelis on Facebook celebrating the death of Palestinian children Abir Kopty ?????? ???? ????

Or, how about this horrific killing? White phospherous is not supposed to be used in urban settings or against civilians. No one was allowed out and no could enter to provide aid.
Testimony of Ghada Riad Rajab Abu Halima | B'Tselem

When people commit horrible acts upon their fellow people they should be condemned regardless of whether they are Israeli or Palestinian.

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