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History, Geography, & Military Discuss Found some interesting tid bits on both the U-2 & SR-71 at the Political Forums; Many were built to replace lost spy planes. [SIZE="3"]Blackbird Losses Welcome to Blackbird Losses, a brief description of the demise ...

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Default Found some interesting tid bits on both the U-2 & SR-71

Many were built to replace lost spy planes.

[SIZE="3"]Blackbird Losses

Welcome to Blackbird Losses, a brief description of the demise of each Blackbird airframe. The information presented in this page is courtesy of Peter Merlin.
A-12 M-21 YF-12A SR-71A SR-71B SR-71C
Built 13 2 3 29 2 1
Lost 5 1 2 11 1 0
A-12 (60-6926 / 123)

This aircraft was the third A-12 built, the second to fly, and the first to crash. On 24 May 1963, CIA pilot Ken Collins was flying an inertial navigation system test mission. After entering clouds, frozen water fouled the pitot-static boom and prevented correct information from reaching the standby flight instruments and the Triple Display Indicator. The aircraft subsequently entered a stall and control was lost completely followed by the onset of an inverted flat spin. The pilot ejected safely. The wreckage was recovered in two days and persons at the scene were identified and requested to sign secrecy agreements. A cover story for the press described the accident as occurring to an F-105.
A-12 (60-6928 / 125)

This aircraft was lost on 5 January 1967 during a training sortie flown from Groom Lake. Following the onset of a fuel emergency caused by a failing fuel gauge, the aircraft ran out of fuel only minutes before landing. CIA pilot Walter Ray was forced to eject. Unfortunately, during ejection, the man-seat separation sequence malfunctioned and Ray was killed on impact with the ground, still strapped to his seat.

Locations of Lost U-2s


Lost 4 April 1957 near Pioche, NV. Crashed killing Lockheed Test Pilot Robert Seiker.

56-6675 art.#342

U-2F Lost on 25 Feb 1966 in California. Civilian Pilot: Hall survived.After aerial refueling aircraft broke up during hard pull-up while leaving Tanker.

56-6676 art.343

Lost on 27 October 1962 near Banes, Cuba. Shot down by SA-2 missile during Cuban Missile Crisis. USAF Pilot: Maj. Rudolf Anderson was killed. There is a discussion that #6711/378 was the U-2 shoot down over Cuba, also see 6711/#378.

56-6677 art.#344

Lost on 1 March 1962 at Edwards AFB, CA. Crashed during aerial refeuling tests USAF Pilot: John A. Campbell was killed.

56-6678 art.#345

May have been the first U-2 crash. Crashed in May 1956 at "The Ranch". Killing Pilot: Wilburn S. Rose. Stalled and crashed while trying to shake free a jammed pogo.

56-6679 art.#346

Crashed on 17 Sep 1956 in Germany. Killing Pilot: Howard Carey

56-6680 art.#347


U-2 Spy Plane
Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence, and Security
COPYRIGHT 2004 The Gale Group Inc.

-2 Spy Plane


The U-2 is a jet-powered reconnaissance aircraft specially designed to fly at high altitudes (i.e., above 70,000 ft [21 km]). It was used during the late 1950s to overfly the Soviet Union, China, the Middle East, and Cuba; flights over the Soviet Union, the primary mission for which the plane was designed, ended in 1960 when a U-2 flown by CIA pilot Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union.

This event was a major political embarrassment for the U.S. A redesigned version of the U-2, the U-2R, was used from the late 1960s through the 1990s. The U-2R was used extensively during the Gulf War of 1991, for example, to monitor Iraqi military activities. A more recent version of the U-2, the U-2S, is deployed today. The U-2S has been used recently by both the United States and United Nations weapons inspectors to make observations of North Korea and Iraq.

............................................... Continued At
U-2 incident facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about U-2 incident

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