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History, Geography, & Military Discuss Syria Transfers Aircraft to Russian Base Following Trump Strike at the Political Forums; The Moscow Times | Syria Transfers Aircraft to Russian Base Following Trump Strike April 21, 2017 Photo: Russia MoD Syria ...

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Old 04-22-2017, 09:26 AM
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Default Syria Transfers Aircraft to Russian Base Following Trump Strike

The Moscow Times | Syria Transfers Aircraft to Russian Base Following Trump Strike

April 21, 2017

Photo: Russia MoD

Syria has moved most of its remaining aircraft to the safety of Russia's Hmeimim airbase, U.S. broadcaster ABC reported Thursday. The planes were transferred after an attack by U.S. President Donald Trump on the government's Shayrat air base, an unnamed military source told the news outlet. The strike is believed to have destroyed roughy a fifth of the country's operational military jets. Most of the Syrian government's operational fixed wing military aircraft will now stay at the base close to the city of Latakia, the official said. The base was leased to Russia as part of a 49-year agreement in January 2017. U.S. warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria's Shayrat airbase April 7. Trump ordered the strike after a chemical weapons attack killed more than 80 civilians in the rebel-held province of Idlib in the country's north. The United States, Britain and the EU have all blamed the attack on Syrian government forces, a claim which both Assad and the Kremlin deny.
Undoubtedly done with Putin's blessing. This action yields positives for the Assad/Putin axis:

1) It negates the prospect of another punitive US Tomahawk attack on Assad air assets because Russian air assets and personnel are also present and this base is protected by Russian S-400 anti-air missile defenses.

2) This will make it much more difficult for the US to ascribe specific ownership to attacks on civilians/war crimes because Syria also uses Russian aircraft.
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Cool Re: Syria Transfers Aircraft to Russian Base Following Trump Strike

Granny says, "Dat's right - The Donald gettin' serious `bout Syria...

America launches airstrikes targeting pro-Assad forces that were advancing on U.S. troops deployed in Syria
Friday 19th May, 2017 | WASHINGTON, U.S. - U.S. officials have stated that the country’s military launched airstrikes against pro-Syrian government forces in southern Syria.
In what became the second time that the U.S. military has launched airstrikes against pro-Assad forces under the Trump administration, military officials said they targeted and destroyed vehicles that were advancing near an area of southern Syria where U.S. forces are currently deployed. The strikes reportedly hit a regime-allied militia mixed with Syrian government forces outside a base called Tanf, near the Jordanian border where U.S. Special Forces have been deployed, along with a unit of Syrian rebels.

According to reports, the 5th Special Forces Group, that have been training pro-Western rebel groups, consisting of ‘Vetted Syrian Opposition’ to fight ISIS for six months now, also accompany the rebels in combat missions against the militants. Meanwhile, a rebel commander quoted in a BuzzFeed report said that the Syrian regime and its allies — including Iranian forces, Shiite militia, and Hezbollah — are also based about 40 miles outside Tanf. This, he noted, allows them easy access to Tanf via a highway that cuts through the desert.

Meanwhile, the airstrikes that are yet to be confirmed by the Pentagon, were said to have targeted the Syrian regime forces after they breached a "de-confliction zone,” a CNN report said. The de-confliction zone around the base is the area that the coalition has communicated to the Russians to stay away from. The report noted that the U.S.-led coalition commander, in a show of force, dispatched two U.S. aircrafts to warn off the pro-Assad forces out of the zone. However, the airstrike was launched when the forces failed to respond.

Five of the 13 vehicles that breached the zone, came within 29 kilometers of the base at about midnight EST Thursday when the aircraft were dispatched. In March, Trump ordered a U.S. strike of 57 Tomahawk missiles against President Assad held al-Shayrat air base in retaliation to a chemical weapons attack that was blamed on the country’s regime. Thursday’s airstrikes meanwhile were the first instance of American air power being used against pro-Assad forces to support American troops and their rebel allies.

America launches airstrikes targeting pro-Assad forces that were advancing on US troops deployed in Syria
See also:

In horrific attack, ISIS terrorists kill children with bricks, hack off their limbs and behead women in Syria’s Hama province
Saturday 20th May, 2017 - Amid fears of a wave of massacres being plotted by the Islamic State Militant group (ISIS) in Shiite villages - extremists led a horrific attack in Hama province in central Syria.
ISIS savages are said to have carried out a horrific massacre of its prisoners - including children and women. Reports noted that ISIS savages carried out raids in the province and killed over 50 people in the clashes, including at least 24 women and children. Extremists used bricks to kill children and then hacked off their limbs, while beheading some of its prisoners that were residents belong to the Ismaili branch of Shiite Islam. The state news agency SANA reported that militants stormed homes in the southern part of Aqareb al-Safi village before government forces pushed them back into the desert. In a statement, Dr. Noufal Safar, head of the National Hospital in Salamiyeh, said it received 52 bodies, including 11 women and 17 children.

According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least three of the civilians, a man and his two children, were executed with knives. It added that 52 people were killed in the fighting, with the dead including 15 civilians, 27 Syrian soldiers and 10 unidentified people. Safar said that some of the bodies were badly mutilated, beheaded or had their limbs severed but “most appear to have died as a result of gunfire.” Meanwhile, Rami Razzouk, a coroner at the hospital who inspected the bodies, said those of children were brought in mostly dismembered while the men had died from shelling or heavy machine-gun fire. Razzouk added that at least nine children were beaten on the head with heavy objects such as bricks or stones.

ISIS is reportedly planning more atrocities in Yazidi areas - in Syria and Iraq. Reports noted that the villages, Aqareb and Al-Mabujeh, are located near the town of Salamiyeh. Further, the villages are close to the highway that links the capital, Damascus, to the northern city of Aleppo. The villages house members of several religious minority sects. In addition, Al-Mabujeh has been targeted by ISIS before.

Earlier in 2015, the group killed dozens of people and kidnapped about 50 civilians in an attack in the same village. ISIS confirmed the attacks in a statement featured in its affiliated Aamaq news agency and said the militants captured villages of Aqareb al-Safi and Mabouja. It said the residents were members of Assad's Alawite sect, an off-shoot of Shiite Islam. Its statement further added that 100 Syrian troops and pro-government gunmen were killed in the fighting.

In horrific attack ISIS terrorists kill children with bricks hack off their limbs and behead women in Syrias Hama province
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Old 05-20-2017, 05:12 AM
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Default Re: Syria Transfers Aircraft to Russian Base Following Trump Strike

this devil is costing us big time
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aircraft, base, following, russian, strike, syria, transfers, trump

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