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Health, Wellness, Sex and Body Discuss The most deadly animal ever, Mosquitos at the General Discussion; If you doubt this statement then here is some proof. I saw a documentary on the mosquito and it was ...

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Old 07-11-2017, 03:50 PM
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Default The most deadly animal ever, Mosquitos

If you doubt this statement then here is some proof.

I saw a documentary on the mosquito and it was saying that the each verity of mosquito is the most deadly nsect nthe world.. Each year t kill millions n 3rd world countr Crap auto fill.

The mosquito is the most deadly animal in the world.. And each year t again..
Why Mosquitoes Are The Most Dangerous Creature

When considering “the most dangerous animal in the world,” there are several obvious candidates, like the Great White Shark or the Hippopotomus? But, this title rests with an animal you’d least expect – the mosquito.

Mosquitoes are infamous. They have quite a reputation for ruining barbecues and birthday parties. But the most dangerous in the world? What is it that makes them so deadly?

Though tiny, these insects cause more deaths than any other animal on the planet. Not necessarily the mosquito itself, but the number of serious diseases it could carry.

.................................................. .. Continued At Site

And each year it kills millions in 3rd world countries, SEE ABOVE Article. And with the rising temperatures the mosquito is moving into areas it once could not go. As the temps rise from C.C. the mosquito is going up in elevation. Which is now around 8,000'+..
The Dengue Virus Mosquito Vector Aedes aegypti at High Elevation in México


México has cities (e.g., México City and Puebla City) located at elevations > 2,000 m and above the elevation ceiling below which local climates allow the dengue virus mosquito vector Aedes aegypti to proliferate. Climate warming could raise this ceiling and place high-elevation cities at risk for dengue virus transmission. To assess the elevation ceiling for Ae. aegypti and determine the potential for using weather/climate parameters to predict mosquito abundance, we surveyed 12 communities along an elevation/climate gradient from Veracruz City (sea level) to Puebla City (∼2,100 m). Ae. aegypti was commonly encountered up to 1,700 m and present but rare from 1,700 to 2,130 m. This finding extends the known elevation range in México by > 300 m. Mosquito abundance was correlated with weather parameters, including temperature indices. Potential larval development sites were abundant in Puebla City and other high-elevation communities, suggesting that Ae. aegypti could proliferate should the climate become warmer.


The mosquito Aedes aegypti, a primary vector of dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya viruses, is widely distributed in the subtropics and tropics.1,2 Latin America, including México, has experienced increasing dengue case numbers in recent decades, and dengue is now hyperendemic in many areas, with cocirculation of multiple and sometimes all four dengue virus serotypes.3 Moreover, chikungunya presents a major threat to Latin America should the causative virus emerge there.4 Some settings in Latin America present an intriguing situation, where Ae. aegypti mosquitoes are abundant and endemic dengue virus transmission occurs in low-elevation areas but where a large proportion of the human population lives in high-elevation cities located above the elevation ceiling below which local climates allow for proliferation of the mosquito vector and endemic dengue virus transmission.

.................................................. Continued At Site

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