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Gun Control/2nd Amendment Discuss Letís not repeal the 2nd Amendment at the General Forum; Retired SCOTUS justice John Paul Stevens given cover by the human shields of the student martyrs brigade wrote a NYT ...

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Old 03-30-2018, 09:48 AM
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Default Letís not repeal the 2nd Amendment

Retired SCOTUS justice John Paul Stevens given cover by the human shields of the student martyrs brigade wrote a NYT editorial advocating repeal of the second amendment as the only viable solution to imposing so-called sensible gun control laws. Instead of praise for the affirmation of the Left's gun grabber ultimatum goal the editorial sparked criticism in response from advocates of so-called sensible gun control.

Suggesting that a constitutional amendment is needed simply creates a nearly insurmountable roadblock to progress ó constitutional amendments need to be ratified by 38 states ó and distracts from the already difficult problems of political organizing. And if at some point constitutional law does become relevant again, there are lots of ways of address that short of an amendment drive.
The problem is one of political organizing not of rights or amending the Constitution as Justice Stevens suggests, that is not necessary. Just change the makeup of the SCOTUS replacing justices who look to the plain text of the Constitution with those who find the Constitution malleable to the dictates of political organizers.

The same method would work perfectly well for people on the other side of the issue. A new Court could overrule the Heller precedent if it wanted to or, more likely, simply narrow its scope. To take another example from DC, following the Heller ruling that struck down a total ban on handgun ownership, the DC Council sought to limit firearms use by banning open carry of a handgun and restricting permission to carry a concealed handgun to individuals who were able to demonstrate that they had a ďgood causeĒ to do so.

A George W. Bush appointee on the District Court ruled that the good cause standard violated the Heller precedent. The case then went to a three-judge panel of the DC Circuit where a Bush appointee and a Reagan appointee joined to outvote a George H.W. Bush appointee and strike down the law. DCís attorney general then wisely declined to appeal the case to the Supreme Court.
Who needs to bother with the messy and arduous process of amending the Constitution when simply packing the Court with partisan ideologues? Five justices versus 38 state legislatures, Justice Stephens didn't recognize the modern method of amending the Constitution by imperial judicial decree. As the decision not to appeal the district court ruling reveals the process of nominally impartial judicial is carefully stage managed to yield the desired political result.


The OP harshly criticizes the Heller decision affirming the 2A as an individual right because it supposedly breaks with unspecified precedent. But the solution is to break the precedent set by Heller. This as the Left demands slavish devotion to precedent for SCOTUS decisions discovering new rights for abortion and same sex marriage as examples. This sort of dishonesty shows why it is realistically impossible to believe the pious claims of trust us we will not take away your firearms.
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Old 03-30-2018, 10:53 AM
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Default Re: Letís not repeal the 2nd Amendment

Gun grabbers, anti-gun weenies, and other pro-gun control wonders have only one thing on their minds:

"We will make you give up your firearms!"

To all of them, I say,

""Go to Hell!"
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2nd, amendment, letís, not, repeal, the

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