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Elections Discuss If you're not rich 'blame yourself' at the Political Forums; Originally Posted by Xolo 100IQ is average. It is fine. It works great for most of us and got us ...

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Default Re: If you're not rich 'blame yourself'

Originally Posted by Xolo View Post
100IQ is average. It is fine. It works great for most of us and got us to where were are today- if that is saying anything. It is great for survival. Up to recently, IQ measures, only the verbal and math levels, so it does not cover most areas of life. Most folks with 100 verbal IQ's are not intellectuals, by definition. They are way above dumb, though. But I guess you need to be told twice, to get the full intent.

Your sons, at over 140 IQ have extraordinary vocabularies, bigger than 99% of of the world. They may have extraordinary math abilities too. High verbal IQ does not make you smart, it only gives you a lot of words. High math abilities better than 99% of the world, must make your sons at least in a league with the rocket scientists- in their potential ability to do calculus and physics. I hope they got educations to match. 1% of our nations' population is 3,000,000 people with IQ's at 140 and above.

Most people with the ability to express themselves verbally well enough to argue a strong case are going to be be well over 100 verbal IQ. Not being that great with words, does not make you dumb, it means you are probably way above average in some other area not measured by standard 20th century IQ tests.
I don't know if you've ever had an actual IQ test administered. Most people haven't, unless they've been incarcerated or under psychiatric care (at least, those are the demographics among which I've found IQ tests to be most common). Maybe some people have it done in college. Maybe a few people have it done in the military. I'm afraid I've known quite a few people who have taken some sort of quiz on the internet, and believe that is an "IQ test", and that their score on it represents their Intelligence Quotient... which is, of course, not the case.

The IQ tests I took had little to do with math or vocabulary.
If that's what they were about, then one's score would change drastically over the course of one's life, as one acquired additional education. In fact, IQ remains fairly static throughout one's life.
The way I've heard it explained, it's not a measure of what one knows; it's a measure of how much one has the potential to learn.

I am not entirely a believer in the validity of IQ tests (I think they are inadvertently biased in favor of the white males who invented them, which would explain why white males have a higher median IQ than females or minorities; I do not accept the alternate explanation, which would be that white males are inherently intellectually superior to women and minorities).

I think, however, that IQ tests have some validity.
And IQ of 100 is 20 points above the median IQ of prison inmates.
It is 30 points above the clinical threshold for mental retardation (and although a person with an IQ of 70 would be considered technically mentally retarded, chances are nobody would know this. Such a person would be completely functional and self-sufficient. Others would just consider them kind of "dumb". This person would be a perfectly adequate worker at any sort of menial or unskilled job. The diagnosis of mental retardation might never be made, unless or until this person committed a crime and needed a defense).
Mild mental retardation (often diagnosed early on, in a child's primary school days) means an IQ between 70 and 50.
So, just to put it in perspective, one could potentially have an IQ of 50, and still be only mildly mentally retarded (and still able to work at normal unskilled jobs, with appropriate supervision).

It is preposterous to insinuate that someone with an IQ of 100 is not fit to work or would not be able to get a job, and that is what my post was in response to.
Most college graduates don't have IQs much above 100. Their average might be (I'm guessing here) in the 110-115 range.
Only a tiny fraction of the population has an IQ above 130 (these are the MENSA folks).
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