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Education & Curriculum Discuss Homeschooling: The Public Schools' Invasive Species at the General Discussion; Bullying is a problem is many schools that continues to be ignored, and it is the reason I removed my ...

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Old 06-24-2015, 06:49 PM
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Default Homeschooling: The Public Schools' Invasive Species

Bullying is a problem is many schools that continues to be ignored, and it is the reason I removed my son from the public school system when he was in middle school to take control of his education. I learned a lot about it and strongly advocate home schooling. Of course the government and the teachers' unions hate it because they lose control, but that's just tough. This article tells how much better home schooled students do on standardized tests and how the government is threatened by this loss of control.

When I home schooled my son years ago, Tennessee had some of the strictest regulations, and probably still does, requiring a a Bachelor's Degree to teach children at home past the elementary grades. Fortunately I did. The local public school administration was not happy with me, and tried to give me a hard time, but they couldn't do a thing about it after I showed them my degree.

To government, homeschooling resembles a weed that spreads and resists control. To homeschooling parents, it is the flowering of knowledge and values within children who have been abandoned or betrayed by public schools. A great tension exists between the two perspectives. Homeschooling’s continued growth has only heightened it.

The federal government has reacted by attempting to increase its control over homeschooling, for example, by pushing for increased regulation of homeschool curricula. But the federal government is hindered by certain factors. For one thing, education is generally the prerogative of individual states. Nevertheless, the federal government can often impose its will by threatening to withhold federal funds from states that do not comply with its measures.

But homeschooling parents cannot be threatened by a withdrawal of money they don't receive. As it is, they are paying double. They pay taxes to support public schools from which they draw no benefit and they pay again in homeschooling money and in terms of lost opportunities such as the full-time employment of both parents. The “profit” they receive is a solid education for their children. What they want from the government is to be left alone.

The federal government is also hindered by not being able to play the “it's for the children” card that justifies so many intrusive policies. Homeschooled children routinely display better development than public school students.
Homeschooling: The Public Schools' Invasive Species : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
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Old 06-24-2015, 08:59 PM
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Default Re: Homeschooling: The Public Schools' Invasive Species

I have advocated homeschooling for years now. People have to get their children out of indoctrination centers, and put their children on the right path for their future.

More and more state and federal governments are putting up roadblocks to homeschooling, and the only way that ends is if enough people force change.
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