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Education & Curriculum Discuss Davis High fined for soda sales violation at the General Discussion; Originally Posted by faithful_servant Actually, that about abotu as nanny-state as it gets. It's telling the schools that there is ...

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Old 05-25-2012, 03:45 PM
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Default Re: Davis High fined for soda sales violation

Originally Posted by faithful_servant View Post
Actually, that about abotu as nanny-state as it gets. It's telling the schools that there is money for them, but only if they follow the rules of the STATE. That is thevery DEFINITION of a nanny-state.

NO! The definition of a 'nanny state' is 'We'll tell you what to do because you might make the wrong decision.'.

The government did not do that. The government gave the school a choice. They said IF you want this money, you must follow these rules. Notice the "IF"?

Not once in your argument have you ever addressed the logic behind punishing the kids for the schools mistake. You tried to shift the responsbility to the school's admin, but that just as stupid.

THAT'S why we have a 'nanny state' right there. People like you who claim that putting the responsibility where it belongs is 'shifting' it.

And, btw, I HAVE addressed the logic. I've said that it's wrong. I've said that the money should come from the guy who screwed up. You know, the "I don't need a nanny state to make my decisions for me. I'll man up and take the blame when *I* screw up." attitude.

Supporting a bad law for good reasons is a stupid thing to do.

The problem here is that it isn't a bad law.

It's like the people who when they finally realize that just maybe the science behind GW is flawed fall back on the argument that the results are a healthier environment. Using a bad law to accomplish something good is dumb.

Again, it's not a bad law.

Pass laws and ruels that accomplish what you want to and aren't stupid. If you want kids educated on good nutrition, then put rules in place that will result in that, not taking away a kid's art and music education to try to make a point.
Please show me where, in the governments rule, THEY require the school to cut the art and music budget to pay for the schools mistake.

Newsflash, they don't. The school administration decided to do that after they screwed up. The government isn't punishing the kids, the school administration is.

You're the one shifting blame here.

I find it highly ironic that you decry a 'nanny state' while supporting the very attitude that empowers a nanny state.

I've asked you this before, and now I'm asking it again. What other rules should the school administration be granted leave to ignore, providing they threaten to harm the kids education if they are held to account?

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