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Economics Discuss The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming - WHAT'S GOING ON? at the Political Forums; Remember 21 yr old Disha Ravi ? who was ' arrested [by Modi government in India] on charges of sedition ...

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Old 02-21-2021, 03:53 PM
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Default The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming - WHAT'S GOING ON?

Remember 21 yr old Disha Ravi?
who was 'arrested [by Modi government in India] on charges of sedition for allegedly creating a "toolkit" to aid Indian farmers who are part of an ongoing protest movement opposing new agricultural policy proposals?

(This toolkit btw document lays out strategies for supporting the protesters, including what hashtags to use on Twitter)'.

This is the background to that news headline :

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Old 02-23-2021, 05:25 PM
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Default Re: The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming - WHAT'S GOING ON?

That video is full of socialist propaganda , conspiracy loon nonsense, utter nonsense and a mix of the three.

The farmers want socialism because they don't want to sell their goods for market value but instead want to sell to government for higher than market value prices. Those against socialism are National Socialist. Corporations have roots in Hitler's Germany. Does that retard know that Hitler imposed price controls?

Somehow morons who committed suicide in a 1.366 billion populated country is the fault of the Indian government for wanting farmers to sell goods at a market value instead of socialist controlled prices. Anti-capitalist drivel.

There is the claim of some nefarious plot of explosive factories now being used to only make manure/fertilizer, and weed killer when they used to make poisons and other gases used to kill people/ The chemicals in fertilizer, and weed killer, explosives, gases and other chemicals are derived from animal feces and urine. Clearly that lady is a ****ing a moron never farmed for anything in her entire life and doesn't know dick about chemistry or how **** is made no pun intended.

Bill Gates is accused by some moron in the video of taking plant seeds that were already immune to certain things so that Monsanto can falsely claim they genetically engineered those plants in order patent them. While later in the video that same idiot is claiming those falsely genetically engineered plants is not as nutritious as non GMO plants.That makes no ****ing sense because if he is stealing plants that are already immune to certain things so Monsanto can slap a patent on it and prevent the little guy from growing it. Then how is a bogus GMO less nutritious that non-bogus GMO if they are the same fucking plant? It would be accusing one chicken place of stealing KFC's chicken recipe and then claiming one the chicken made with the stolen recipe is worse or better than KFC's chicken.
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