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mr wonder 08-20-2020 09:04 PM

COVID19 Predictive programing TV show "Dead Zone" 2003
Don't know if you're familiar with the conspiracy term "Predictive Programing"
"Coined by conspiracist Alan Watt, predictive programming is the theory that ideas, situations and new technologies are carefully written into movies, TV shows and books to groom the general population into accepting societal changes. Examples include the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen," where a hijacked plane was flown into the World Trade Center as a false flag attack; "The Dark Knight Rises," which features a map of Gotham where one of the marked locations is Sandy Hook; and an episode of "Family Guy" in which Peter Griffin drives through the Boston Marathon, released only a few months before the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon."
And Simpson episode with 911 and twin towers on fire.
And Simpson with Virus from China followed by killer bees.
And etc etc

OK so just found out today that COVID19 was "Predictive programed" into the TV show "Dead Zone" in 2003.

the episode has a town/ building infected with a mysterious deadly virus where people can't breath.
the main group is put on LOCK DOWN
the school Put on LOCK DOWN
The researchers idea is it came from an animal
but lo and behold it came from China.
And the cure discovered at the last minute is "Choriquine"
A doctor incredulously blurt out in disbelief "that's a Malaria Drug".
They use it and it saves the day.

If you've got Amazon Prime you can watch the episode.
"Dead Zone", season 2, episode 14.

Relevant scenes at this bitchute video

Just a Coincidence right? :crazy:wow:unsure:shocked2

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