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mr wonder 03-11-2019 01:23 AM

Re: Q - The Plan To Save The World

Originally Posted by blarset (Post 963941)
I agree. The issue with immigration by Trump is confusing at best he had several chances to act when he had Republican control , but didn't. I don't believe he has any political ideology that he uses to govern with. I started calling him, "The Can Kicker & Chief". As for Q I would be interested to see the make up of the people who agree with the idea that someone in government is going to fix the issues in government. Hasn't happened yet and it sounds bizarre that we have had noble upstanding patriotic people waiting to restore justice.

the thing is immigration and the wall has nothing to do with the series of corrupt CiCs and their constitution and fredom busting kleptocracy friendly polices that Q talks about.
the banking system, federal reserve, drugs, big pharma, perpetual BS wars, and fomenting tension among the middle and low classes. etc etc..
the wall is acutaully a part of the scape goating used by the kleptocracy to keep the focus off of them.

As far as i can tell Trump has just naturally fallen into their play there. or he thought it would be a good campaign rallying cry that he didn't really take seriously.
especially since he hires many "illegals" at his own hotels nation wide. (as I knew he did from the beginning) ALL or MOST hotels do. Latinos and some even import eastern Europeans illegals.
So I don't know if Trump is serious about that issue or not but regardless it's hardly the most pressing issue in the country. And frankly most of worse of the illegals could be taken care of by the laws on the books seems to me.

But again , to me, "the Wall" is just another divide and conquer distraction.
Frankly i wish they'd just fund it. to shut up the complaints ...for about 5 minutes... becasue no matter what some people won't be satisfied. EVEN WITH a wall they'll still be many complaining about how the Latinios are sneaking in "taking jobs" and using up tax money bring drugs crime ... but some of them are good people :rolls

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