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Conspiracy Theories Discuss Lee Oswald a lone gunman killed JFK at the General Discussion; Not until very recently did I realize that jfk was shot in the back right before the headshot . My ...

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Default Re: Lee Oswald a lone gunman killed JFK

Not until very recently did I realize that jfk was shot in the back right before the headshot. My focus was always on the exit wound and the headshot with some work put into the bullet hole in the windshield. I never had strong feelings about the last 2 shots, but mostly believed one was fired to confuse those on elm street.

Everything important has finally come together and makes perfect sense for the universal belief that the president was shot three times. Two of those shots coming from the front make any rear shooter totally irrelevant. This new evidence is the only way the government would ever revise this case because they could simply add a gunshot wound without changing any prior conclusions from decades ago.

The back shot had to come from a different shooter because there wasn't enough time to get off another shot, as the last 2 shots were separated by less than a 1/4 second. It takes at least 3/4 of a second between shots.

JFK: Statement of Glen A. Bennett, eyewitness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy

"At this point I heard what sounded like a fire-cracker. I immediately looked from the right/crowd/physical area/and looked towards the President who was seated in the right rear seat of his limousine open convertible. At the moment I looked at the back of the President I heard another fire-cracker noise and saw the shot hit the President about four inches down from the right shoulder. A second shot followed immediately and hit the right rear high of the President's head."

How Five Investigations into JFK's Medical/Autopsy Evidence Got it Wrong - Discussion

Secret Service agent Glenn Bennett was riding in the follow up car. He was the first to document, in contemporaneous notes, Kennedy taking the back shot. He wrote, “"I looked at the back of the President. I heard another firecracker noise and saw that shot hit the President about four inches down from the right shoulder."[339] The Warren Commission accorded his observations “substantial weight,” writing, "Although [Bennett’s] formal statement was dated November 23, 1963, his notes indicate that he recorded what he saw and heard at 5:30 p.m., November 22, 1963, on the airplane en route back to Washington, prior to the autopsy, when it was not yet known that the President had been hit in the back.”[

For starters, the Zapruder film clearly shows jfk's back being impacted right before he's shot in the face. It kinda looks like a 'pow' from a batman episode. The other two films also show an impact but not quite the same way. What SS agent Glen Bennett reported seeing is exactly confirmed by all three films. For all intents and purposes the jfk assassination has finally been solved.

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