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Climate Change & The Environment Discuss How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmists at the General Discussion; How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmists - Telegraph 7/25/2015 Two events last week brought yet ...

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Old 07-27-2015, 01:52 PM
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Default How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmists

How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmists - Telegraph

Two events last week brought yet further twists to one of the longest-running farces of our modern world. One was the revelation by the European Space Agency that in 2013 and 2014, after years when the volume of Arctic ice had been diminishing, it increased again by as much as 33 per cent. The other was that Canadian scientists studying the effect of climate change on Arctic ice from an icebreaker had to suspend their research, when their vessel was called to the aid of other ships trapped in the thickest summer ice seen in Hudson Bay for 20 years.
For more than a decade now, the belief that, thanks to global warming, Arctic ice was vanishing has been for the warmists the ultimate poster-child for their cause (along with those “vanishing” polar bears). In 2007, with the aid of scientists such as Wieslaw Maslowski and Peter Wadhams, the BBC and others were telling us that the Arctic would be totally “ice free by 2013” (the Independent even cleared its front page to announce that the ice could all have disappeared within weeks).
The greatest scare story of all simply isn’t turning out as their computer models predicted. And no one has been more dangerously taken in by this silly scare story than the warmists themselves.
Meanwhile, the hapless Obama Administration and legion of uniformed, hyperemouonal duoes claim that the imaginary bogeyman of anthropogenic global warming is a bigger threat than ISIS or a nuclear armed Iranian Theocracy.

When will the hysterics pause to consider that maybe, just maybe, the whole point of the climate change scam is the acquisition of power for their Democrat masters?
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Exclamation Re: How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmists

Granny says, "Dat's right - alla ice gonna melt an' we all gonna drown...

Arctic and Antarctic sea ice hit record low in January: UN
Saturday 18th February, 2017 - The extent of sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic last month was the lowest on record for January, the UN World Meteorological Organization said on Friday, while concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a January record.
“The missing ice in both poles has been quite extraordinary,” David Carlson, director of the World Climate Research Programme, told a UN briefing in Geneva. “It is a quite strange situation. It’s extraordinarily warm in the north, and the sea ice, which is one indicator of planetary warmth, is at a minimum at this point in both hemispheres.”

The month of January was probably the second or third hottest such month on record, but that was not a reliable indicator of the state of the climate, he said. “Surface air temperature is a small hair on the long tail of a very big dog. And the very big dog is the ocean. And what you really don’t want to watch is individual months of surface air temperature because they can go up for a variety of reasons.

A better guide was the temperature of oceans, or “integrated ocean heat content.” “And that in fact is relentlessly going up and up and up,” he said. There have been at least three periods this winter when Arctic sea ice has retreated, when it should have been expanding. Satellite records for polar sea ice go back 38 years. This January, Arctic sea ice averaged 13.38 million square km. The previous record low was just a year ago, in January 2016, when there was 260,000 square km more ice - bigger than the area of the United Kingdom.

Arctic ice was 8.6 per cent below the average for January, while ice in the Antarctic sea, where it is summer, was 22.8 pe rcent below the average, the WMO said, citing data from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration."The horizons that we thought we had - the number of years until summer sea ice disappears, or the number of years until we reach some global average surface temperature target - are absolutely shortening,” Carlson said. “The time for the global community to react is now.”

Arctic and Antarctic sea ice hit record low in January: UN - The Globe and Mail
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