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Civil Rights & Abortion Discuss Open letter to the Exodus International Board of Directors at the Political Forums; We, the undersigned organizations, have monitored the ex-gay industry for more than a decade. To our great horror, prominent members ...

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Old 03-12-2009, 07:41 PM
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Post Open letter to the Exodus International Board of Directors

We, the undersigned organizations, have monitored the ex-gay industry for more than a decade. To our great horror, prominent members of the ex-gay organization Exodus International participated last week in a conference in Uganda that promoted shocking abuses of basic human rights. This included draconian measures against gay and lesbian people such as forced ex-gay therapy, life imprisonment for people convicted of homosexuality and the formation of an organization designed to “wipe out” gay practices in Uganda. The conference also featured Scott Lively, a holocaust revisionist who at the event also blamed the 1994 Rwandan genocide on gay people.

The facts incontrovertibly show that Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, was aware of the list of speakers and abhorrent content prior to the conference. Exodus board member Don Schmierer, who spoke in Uganda, made no objections to the radical and dangerous platform offered. Instead, these mortal threats to the lives of gay and lesbian people were met with a deafening silence. Exodus, in effect, gave this insidious conference its tacit approval.

Today, we take the unprecedented step of joining together to demand that Exodus International’s Board of Directors take immediate action to hold accountable those who used the Exodus brand to promote an atmosphere conducive to serious human rights abuses. The accountability must begin with reasonable and responsible action by Board Chair Bob Ragan, including:
* Dismissing Exodus President Alan Chambers for his knowing role in using Exodus to promote human rights abuses
* Removing Board member Don Schmierer for speaking at a hate conference that promotes physical harm and psychological torture against GLBT people
* Boldly articulating Exodus’ policy against human rights abuses including forced therapy
* Promising to end future participation in all conferences that call on the persecution and criminalization of gay and lesbian people
We do not take this call to action lightly. These steps are necessary and commensurate with the massive breach of ethics and trust by the Exodus leadership. Clearly, Exodus has lost credibility and its claim to “love” gay people in the aftermath of Uganda seems duplicitous and insincere. As long as Chambers and Schmierer remain at Exodus, the organization is hopelessly compromised and even complicit in grave human rights abuses. It is time for the Exodus Board, led by Bob Ragan, to assert its moral authority by appointing new leadership and taking the organization in a more humane and principled direction.
And later in the article (after the letter)...
It is not the first time forced therapy has become an issue with Exodus International. This issue was raised in 2005 when “Zach”, a 16-year-old gay teen, was forced against his will to attend an eight-week ex-gay therapy program at Exodus-affiliated Love In Action in Memphis. That same year, another father drove his 17-year-old son to Love In Action in handcuffs. Despite all this, Love In Action remains one of Exodus’ most prominent member ministries. Today, the calls for enshrining forced therapy into Ugandan law has been met with silence at Exodus. We call upon Exodus once and for all to address the morality of forcing people into unregulated and unproven therapies against their will.
Open letter to the Exodus International Board of Directors | Ex-Gay Watch

In recent years, Exodus International chose to renew its membership in the Exodus Global Alliance, knowing that the EGA was acting to condemn gay people in Jamaica, Barbados, Uganda and elsewhere to years of imprisonment, torture, and vigilante violence. Exodus leaders have chosen to re-associate with Lively through illicit promotion of his Holocaust revisionism; and Exodus has chosen to re-associate not only with same-sex sexual-cuddle and tennis-racket therapy advocate Richard Cohen, but now with Cohen’s ex-gay foundation witchdoctor, Caleb Lee Brundidge, who is said to perform tribal magic rituals — dressed in a veneer of pentecostal language — upon would-be ex-gays.
Truth Wins Out - Exodus Leader Gives Nod for Ugandan Gays to Be Forced into Ex-Gay Therapy

The "ex-gay" and "reparative therapy" groups often try to put forth a face of "we want to help gays".
For a variety of reasons, I firmly disagree with that claim for the major groups I have seen in action.
This article is one of those reasons...

To lend credibility to such statements by speaking at the same conference as these people is abominable. Exodus International was obviously a major presence at this "conference".
I tried searching the Exodus international web-site to see if they had any comment on the Uganda conference.
No mention. Even searching for just "Uganda" on their web-site gave one hit with no relevance to this issue.
I find the absence of commentary a little surprising since they aren't even acknowledging that Exodus International had representation at this Uganda conference.

The "ex-gay" ministry is showing their true colors here. I have repeatedly stated in the past that the "ex-gay" ministry's interests are not truly centered on HELPING homosexuals. To ignore the type of damage they do, misrepresent their "success" rates, and to associate themselves repeatedly with efforts to discriminate against gays?
It's all a clear trend.

While I am not saying that every "reparative therapy" group is cut from this cloth, I will say that the ones I have heard of and seen in action are not interested in helping gays.
“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”
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Old 03-12-2009, 08:37 PM
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Default Re: Open letter to the Exodus International Board of Directors

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
While I am not saying that every "reparative therapy" group is cut from this cloth, I will say that the ones I have heard of and seen in action are not interested in helping gays.
It sounds like these guys are acting the way ex-smokers do...

"I willfully gave up my right to smoke, so I will forcably take away the rights of everyone else who does."...
"You get the respect that you give" - cnredd
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