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Civil Rights & Abortion Discuss No Charges In Police Killing Of Mall Shopper Mistaken For Shooter at the Political Forums; Originally Posted by jimbo LEO are put in life threatening situations every day. In far more cases than you can ...

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Old 05-16-2019, 02:15 AM
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Default Re: No Charges In Police Killing Of Mall Shopper Mistaken For Shooter

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
LEO are put in life threatening situations every day. In far more cases than you can imagine they must make life threatening decisions in a matter of tenths of a second. Your life, the perps life, or theirs.

Mistakes are going to happen. I know a few LEO. Not one of the ones I know gets up in the morning and thinks "Today's the day I'm going to shoot me a *(insert minority group here)".
I'm sure the police you know have done things right.
that's GREAT!
thankfully there are many cops that do things right and go above and beyond.

but there are far to many that do not.
and some cops DO go out and looks for people to harass , often those targets are the poor and minorities.
many cops have admitted this. there are recording of cops in Ferguson and elsewhere that talk about how much fun it is to beat up on people.
You can easily find info about cops talking about the procedures and a mindset that basically amount to 'shoot 1st ask questions later'. and some info from some older cops talking about how it didn't use to be that way in most places. Some Police admit that they treat minorities and certain neighborhoods differently and it becomes 2nd nature, something they don't even think about or realize. So sure, most cops don't go out with the intent of...

I'd post links to all of the above but somehow i doubt you'd read it.
Thankfully many good cops and locals have begun to address various issues even though it's difficult to admit that the profession we'd like to blindly trust also has much room for improvement.

But in this articles case, it seems to me that the procedure here is FLAWED. "A mistake" that has left an innocent person dead.
If that's true, and not simply a cover for piss poor reaction.
Then it seems to me that "the procedures" and "training" should be reexamined so innocent people are not shot in the back 3 times by accident.

I wonder could you or i get off on a claim of self defense or "a mistake" if we shot an innocent man in the back 3 times.
Seems we'd get at least a manslaughter charge. And i'm "untrained".
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Job 14:6-8

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