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Civil Rights & Abortion Discuss Tennessee judge denies straight couple divorce, citing gay marriage ruling at the Political Forums; Originally Posted by cnredd Amazing...we went from... ...straight to... All in the span of 18 minutes... Talking about two separate ...

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Old 09-10-2015, 12:36 PM
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Post Re: Tennessee judge denies straight couple divorce, citing gay marriage ruling

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Amazing...we went from...

...straight to...

All in the span of 18 minutes...
Talking about two separate subjects.
The other comment regarded the "sanctuary cities" comment.
I have explicitly stated the two are different scenarios.
I explained WHY they are different scenarios.
I'll explain further now as well.

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Ok...Here we go...
Hmmmm...The same thing Kim Davis has to swear...
New York City IS a sanctuary city...
You're implying that its perfectly legit that any official that takes an oath supporting the Constitution can also watch the Constitution being violated and turn a blind eye (and in some cases) advocate for it...
Uphold the constitution.
It does NOT say "enforce every federal law". Sanctuary cities are refusing to enforce immigration federal law.
Until there is an immigration constitutional amendment requiring enforcement, there is no parallel.

Kim Davis is violating the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment requires an equal application of rights. Kim Davis is refusing to recognize marital rights, violating the 14th amendment (as SCOTUS already recognized and court judges have reaffirmed in hearing her case).

What federal constitutional provision is being violated when a city employee refuses to enforce federal laws on immigration?
Hint: NONE.
Because federal law is not the same thing as federal constitution. And there is a difference between upholding the constitution (which is often about protecting rights) and upholding federal law.

To reiterate, I do NOT agree with sanctuary city implementation.
But regarding the comments made here, I am pointing out there is no real parallel.

On another level, it should give people pause to question WHY the sanctuary cities are not being prosecuted by federal government...
Such an investigation would arrive at some of the comments made above.
But I know for some it's just too easy to jump to the false conclusion that it's because right-wing causes don't see justice...
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