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Default Re: Should White Supremist violent speech be covered by the 1st amendment?

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post

US State Senator Refuses to Resign After Hoping for Trump's Assassination

And here's the obvious question....

Where were you the last four years?!?!?!?!?!?...

Four friggin' years of this and you were silent...Then, when some podunk writes something about Biden in the same vein, THEN it's a matter to discuss!!!!!!!!...

By asking this question NOW, you already gave us your answer...YOU have no problem when it's the talk of killing Trump or other Republicans, but NOT when it's talk of killing Biden or other Democrats...Thank you for your blatant bias and different rules...
I don't know what Depp's problem was but Madonna chose love over death.
I don't remember any plots discussed online or elsewhere saying 'it's not time yet' and agreeing that a prominent leader should be shot. In fact I always thought if you whispered that and the fbi got wind of it you better have a good lawyer. not to mention you'd lose your job.
but we have a white nationalist supporter in the house. instead of taking her down a notch like the GOP did with King, she got promoted to an education committee. She is part of a group who think Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks conspire to kidnapper babies and eat them.
The IRS budget has been reduced by roughly 20%. Meanwhile, the richest 1% have been able to evade as much as $163 billion a year in taxes. These things are directly connected.
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