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Default Re: No, you idiots. That’s not how taxes work. – an accountant’s guide to why you are

[QUOTE=pjohns;994207]Some people appear to think that rich people have a duty--a moral duty, at least--to pay just as much as possible in income taxes.

But why should a different principle apply to them than applies to the rest of us, just because they much wealthier?

I believe that those people who believe this would really be much more comfortable with socialism than with capitalism...[/QUOTE]

I believe your right. The left will never be happy until we are all making close to the same amount of money. Unfortunately it would not bring UP salaries, it would just lower all salaries to the lowest common denominator. I'm sure many lefties would be happy if ALL people made minimum wage. They would call that "Fair".

It's funny how the left is always happy when their politicians talk about raising taxes on the wealthy. As if they are going to benefit somehow.
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